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THE FUTURE IS HERE. Building engaging technology-enhanced assessments just became a cinch.

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Edulastic Makes Assessment Easy!

Create engaging Common Core aligned formative assessments with interactive Technology-Enhanced Items and thousands of high-quality questions.

Time-Saving Common Core Assessments

Teachers, quickly craft interactive Common Core-aligned formative assessments with stunning personalized learning, reporting, and auto-scoring features!

Minimal Setup Required & Easy Deployment

Create a seamless learning community with our cloud-based platform that works on any device. No downloads or complicated IT needed.

Real-Time District & Class-Level Reporting

Drive immediate district-wide success! Get real-time & reliable Common Core mastery reports by student, class, school, and district throughout the year.

PARCC & Smarter Balanced Styled Items

Say goodbye to bubble sheets and multiple choice! Help students practice higher-order thinking skills and easily administer interim & benchmark assessments.

Unify teacher, student, & district goals!

Improve learning outcomes and inform daily classroom instruction with real-time data on student performance. Gain district-wide visibility into Common Core progress, across schools, grade levels, and classrooms.

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Full Teacher & Student Support

We provide meaningful teaching solutions to improve student learning outcomes. K-12 teachers can create free Common Core-aligned formative assessments—tailored to their student's learning needs—quickly & easily. Get results in less time and energize your assessment tracking so you can focus on what you do best: Teaching!

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