Plug-and-Play computer science learning

Interactive playlists help students master key concepts

SparkCS includes instructional videos, checks for understanding and practice questions to reinforce the most important ideas in computer science and digital citizenship for every grade.

  • Online safety, privacy and cyberbullying
  • Fundamentals of coding
  • Basic to advanced programming skills
Fits into any (or no) curriculum

Each activity is aligned to CSTA and/or AP computer science standards and you can customize any assessment or activity by adding your own technology-enhanced questions.

Resources for all grades and experience levels

SparkCS includes age-appropriate activities for elementary school and 3 different levels for middle and high schoolers based on prior programming experience.

Instant data to track understanding

You and your students get instant feedback on concepts they have mastered and where they need more practice — without grading! Easily identify struggling students and those ready for a bigger challenge.

  • Real-time data on student understanding
  • Track growth and standards mastery
  • Specific feedback for students promotes ownership

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