Searches for “distance learning” on Google in the past 12 months

You say “toe-may-to”; I say “tom-ah-toe”. Educators across the country are sharing this strange and scary moment in history, stepping up to try new ways of teaching, and using technology that may be new to them and their students. And what do they call this new way of learning? Well, it depends on where you are. 

According to Google trends, online searches for things like “distance learning” and “remote teaching” have spiked in the past two weeks.

Interestingly though, educators appear to use different terms for what we’re all now doing, based on region. Alabama educators are searching for “distance learning,” while those in New England query “remote learning.” Some Midwesterners and educators in Georgia use “virtual learning.”

Check out the most common queries in your state!

Interested to explore more regional dialects? We couldn’t help but think of this fun quiz that pins your personal dialect map. Perhaps theses distance learning terms could be a relevant new addition to this type of quiz! What do you think?!