Here at Edulastic, we love celebrating passionate and forward-thinking educators, which is why we’re excited to introduce the 2021-2022 Innovator Spotlight Series! This collection of fun interviews and anecdotes highlights the Edulastic Innovator Team, a group of educators who are passionate about the future of education and edtech. The Innovator Team is a diverse group of educators who teach different subjects and grades across the world. On the team, you’ll find educators, instructional coaches, administrators, and other education aficionados! Each shares a passion for edtech, and is happy to share their unique perspective on education. 

Every post in the series follows one educator and their edtech journey. You’ll get an inside glimpse at other educators’ teaching practices, and learn fun teaching tips from other forward-thinking educators like you. These posts discuss Edulastic tips, lesson planning tricks, classroom decor inspiration, and other education ideas recommended by fellow educators. You can find new spotlights on this page every Friday, and we will continue to update our spotlights throughout the school year. 

These spotlights aim to foster a learning community and offer education inspiration for teachers. We hope you’ll learn something new, and are excited to meet the 2021-2022 Innovator Team!

Edulastic Teacher Spotlight

General Education Teacher Spotlight

Rebecca Hill

4th Grade Math, ELA, and Science Teacher

📍 Dunedin, FL

Science Teacher Spotlight

Loren Walker

6th Grade Science Teacher

📍 Auburndale, FL

Math Teacher Spotlight

Cindy K. Jackson

High School Math Teacher

📍 Piedmont, SC

Carissa Dickinson

7th & 8th Grade Math Teacher

📍 Watertown, NY

Carlos Fuentes

Math Teacher

📍 Houston, TX

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