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Here, you’ll find information and registration links for our upcoming webinars. We host webinars throughout the year to help educators use Edulastic to advance their teaching. We often bring on guest panelists — like teachers and administrators — to share their insights and knowledge.

Edulastic webinars typically include a 40-minute presentation followed by a designated Q & A time. All Edulastic webinars are FREE. We hope you join us for these exciting live events!

We will consistently update this page with our upcoming events and webinar recordings.

At a Glance: Upcoming Live Webinars

There are no upcoming live webinars. Please check out the recordings below, or visit our Training Page to register for a live Edulastic training.

Webinar Recordings

Interested in viewing the recording of a webinar? Check out some of these options below!

#DistanceLearningDay: Lessons for What’s Next

16 presentations, one webinar. This is your go-to place for all things distance learning. These 16 teachers share tips, tricks, and resources to help drive instruction and support students from home.

How Teachers Use Edulastic Across Subjects

Whether you teach math, ELA, science, or social studies, you can join teachers around the country and use online formative assessment to help guide instruction. In our Teacher Talk webinars, you’ll learn from teachers who are on the ground using Edulastic to bring online assessment to their classrooms.

Sail Through the Standards: State Test Prep

In this series, teachers from across the country share how they use Edulastic to prepare for state tests! Gain tips, tricks, and best practices to help both you and your students.

From finding items aligned to state curricula to interpreting the powerful results on Edulastic, these webinars will help you prepare your students to #RockTheTest.

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