Edulastic Enterprise provides schools and districts around the country with a powerful one-stop-shop for managing assessments and accessing immediate reports and analytics. The tools included in Enterprise help school leadership empower teachers and students, track standards mastery, and boost performance on state assessments.

In time for Back to School we invite you to watch an overview of Edulastic Enterprise. If you prefer a personal demo, please request a demo here.

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Additional information about Edulastic Enterprise

With Edulastic Enterprise, leadership teams can get school and district-wide insights from administrator accounts, easily deliver benchmarks, and all teachers gain access to Edulastic Premium features which include anti-cheat tools, read-aloud, shuffle questions, and in-depth analytics. From the account dashboards, the leadership team can easily manage common assessments and have the ability to analyze and work with school or district-wide reports. Aside from attending a live demo, learn 5 reasons why you’ll want to consider adding Enterprise to your school or district.

Edulastic Enterprise: Walkthrough & Implementation Overview from Dr. Amy Sharp

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is this webinar right for me?

A:  You will benefit from this webinar if you are interested in what Edulastic can do for your school or district. This webinar is also ideal for you if you are a principal, superintendent, tech coach, assessment director, curriculum integration specialist, or anyone who makes decisions on edtech integration or solving for ways to better support teachers and students.

Q) How much does this event cost?

A: We are proud to offer the online events for free! We do our best to help cultivate a supportive teacher community. Working together is the most powerful way to build synergy and create a brighter future for students.

Q: How long are the webinars?

A: Each webinar will run about 45 minutes to an hour. There will be time at the end for questions.

Q: Can I join the webinar from my Chromebook?

Yes, you can join from your Chromebook, iPad, iPhone, Android, most laptops, and PC operating systems. For a complete and detailed list, visit here.

Q: Is there time for me to ask questions?

A: Yes, 100%! We want this to be an interactive and fruitful experience for everyone involved. Questions are encouraged. There will be a designated time for Q&A at the end too.

Q: Who can I contact if I have questions about this opportunity?

A: Please email lauren [at] edulastic [dot] com if you have any questions. She will be happy to assist you.

Q: I think my Personal Learning Network(PLN) would love to learn about this opportunity! 

A: Awesome! We encourage you to share this webinar opportunity with your PLN, colleagues, and other school or district leadership teams who you think would be interested. We encourage you to email, tweet, or otherwise share this webinar!