doe funding and grant opportunities for continuing education - coronavirus relief fund grants

In case you missed it, to help continue education during this time, the US Department of Education(DOE) has allotted over $13 billion dollars for coronavirus relief funds. In conjunction to this relief fund, the DOE has opened an extensive grant program for schools, districts, states, and organizations. These funds and grants are intended to help the US education systems during a time when educators scramble to adjust to online learning and systems of instruction. With the support, the department hopes to help education continue onwards.

DOE Grant Opportunities

As of May 6, 2020(this article’s publish date) there are 36 grant opportunities posted on the website that are intended to support different educational groups during this time. Some of the grants are competitive while others are available and distributed to applicants who fit a pre-determined formula. Application deadlines range from as early as May 13, 2020 and onwards.

The Office of Elementary and Secondary Education states on their grant website: “OESE administers grants to state education agencies (SEAs), local education agencies (LEAs), and other education stakeholders to support state and local efforts to improve student achievement, educational equity, and access to educational opportunities for all students.” Hopefully, these grants can help support access to technology and internet at home, resources to schools, and other strategies to improve student engagement and support during these uncertain times.

Explore DOE Coronavirus Relief Resources

For more information or questions about accessing these funds, visit the following Department of Education websites:

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