We’ve been working hard all summer to bring you new features and enhancements to improve your Premium Edulastic experience! We listened to your feedback and are excited to show you new tools that make creating and delivering assessments and accessing content more manageable. Don’t have a Premium account? Log in and activate your free trial to get started! 

This year it’s crucial to support students the moment they step into the classroom so that you can set them (and yourself!) up for success. Take a look at the new features we’re rolling out to help you help students even more: 

What’s New for Back-to-School 2022

1. Deliver Assessments with Bubble Sheet

Now with Edulastic, any educator with a Teacher Premium account can print and use bubble sheets with students. Once you’ve assigned an assessment, go to your Live Class Board to select bubble sheets from the actions menu.
Make sure you are working with an assessment that primarily features multiple choice, multiple selection, or true and false items. If you have other types of questions you want to include in your assessment, you can still print out your bubble sheets; keep in mind you’ll need to enter student answers manually. When you’re ready to upload completed assessments, scan the bubble sheets directly to Edulastic by snapping a photo with your computer camera. With Edulastic bubble sheets, you get to see the results in the Live Class Board and all your data and insights live in Edulastic where you can review insights in your reports.

2. Attach Reference Material to an Assignment

Want to grant students access to a specific image or PDF as they work through their assignment? We have you covered.  Attach reference material to your assignments for students to use at any point, like the periodic table of elements, a timeline, a formula chart — you name it!

To set a reference material, upload an image or PDF (up to 2 MB) on the assessment settings page as your gearing up the assignment for students. Students can open, drag, and resize the reference material on their screens as needed.

3. Create a Polar Coordinate Graphing Question

Hey math teachers! Graphing in Edulastic keeps getting better. You can now create and assign students polar coordinate graphing questions. These are particularly helpful if you are a high school or college-level math educator who teaches Calculus II or AP Calculus.

To create a polar coordinate question, make sure “Power User” is toggled on in your account profile. Then, when authoring a graphing question, under the “Grid” section of the options, you’ll choose “Polar” from the dropdown. (By default, the dropdown is on “Rectangular.”)

4. Quiz and Homework Added to Test Types

2022 welcomes two new assignment-type designations: Homework and Quiz categories are joining Common Assessments, Class Assessments, and Practice Assessment. Categorize assignment types on the Test Behavior page to sort and view reports and data by category. For example, this feature is super helpful for looking at homework performance vs. class assessments!

5. More Control Around Hints

Teachers and admins can choose to show hints to students during tests, and, as a new feature, you can. View who looked at hints while reviewing questions, so you’ll know which students needed a little extra help. 

You can also opt to dock points from students who view hints and give full credit to students who answer on their own — they may lose a few points for viewing a hint, but it’s more encouraging than not answering at all! You can find this option in the test settings when assigning.

6. Eureka Math2 Companion Pack Added to SparkMath

SparkMath now offers practice work that aligns with Eureka Math2 for grades 3–9, including algebra. Inspired by Eureka Math2, these assessments and items are excellent companion materials for those who need practice in the Eureka Math2 curriculum.

7. Common Assessment Controls

For Enterprise Administrators
In order to help school and district leaders ensure fair and even distribution of common assessments, we’ve added controls to assist in how those assessments can be handled when passed to teachers.

Common assessments may now be shared to teachers in a manner that provides view-only access and prevents the assessment from being redirected to students. This protects the assessment content and ensures that the assessment may only be taken by each student one time, improving consistency and quality of assessment roll-out and results. This is great news for any admins who deliver benchmarks, interims, CFAs and other common assessments!

Take a peek at these new features:

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One last thing….

This might not be the last of this season’s updates. We have a couple more BIG new features coming your way. Stay tuned!

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