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Here we are in week two of our education twittersphere showcase. This week we saw some pedagogically sound back-to-school tips and advice. We also saw extra hype and concerns centered on the Common Core Debate as new polls show an increase in discontent.

Here are two articles that recap the week nicely:



Education Tweet Roundup

Support for the core is down. This poll shows that 48% of teachers support the Common Core (while 37% don’t). The poll in the tweet below this shows that in 2013 nearly 76% of teachers supported the standards. If your support hasn’t waned—tell us why not!

 It’s always a good idea to understand more about data privacy (and PARCC understands this). Check the policies out!

This is a wonderful video that helps educators find effective tools whether they’re seeking a textbook or software. 

 Getting to know your students is very important; you want to foster a strong communication network from day one. Read here for more back to school resources.


Will things get better for the Common Core in the coming months? We’ll, it would help if people try to have honest and open conversations about its complexities.