Edulastic is one of the most powerful online assessment tools, offering instant insights, standards mastery tracking, and easy ways to create and share assessments. With online assessment, educators save time and can easily inform instruction, however, you don’t need to ditch your favorite paper materials to use Edulastic and take advantage of the automatic grading system! Snapquiz is a tool on Edulastic that will help you digitize your paper-based assignments in a jiffy.

Think of SnapQuiz as the bridge between paper and pencil assignments and digital assignments. With SnapQuiz, you can upload PDFs and convert them to interactive Edulastic assessments. This helps you reusing the great content you’ve already created. Once the assignment is uploaded, you can quickly set up, share, and get instant insights on an assignment. So don’t ditch those paper-based assignments entirely!

Whether you’re new to Edulastic or a returning edtech aficionado, once you try SnapQuiz, you’ll never go back.

SnapQuiz option in the create an assessment section.

Read on to discover the top 3 reasons educators everywhere are using SnapQuiz. You’ll also discover some teacher tips to make the most out of your Edulastic account:

1. Quick & Easy Implementation

SnapQuiz is a gamechanger in the classroom! The process to transform your pencil-and-paper assignments into digitally-enhanced online assessments is simple and straightforward. Once the PDF is uploaded, you simply have to add in the question widgets and indicate the correct answers. Then you are ready to publish the assessment and share it with your students. And the best part? Goodbye copier issues and printing problems! Setting up your SnapQuiz assignment is as easy as a few clicks of a button!

There’s no need to spend your valuable time ordering and stapling pages of paper together or manually inputting and reformatting your paper assignments in Edulastic. Instead, turn to SnapQuiz to easily turn pencil-and-paper assignments digital.

2. It’s a Time-Saver with Autograde!

Yes, you read that correctly! Many question types can be autograded, or computer-graded, in Snapquiz. Once you upload your PDF into Snapquiz and digitize the assessment, Edulastic handles grading and reports. Edulastic’s autograde feature has collectively saved educators 279.5 years of grading last school year alone! We know you are busy, let us handle the grading load! 

Note: While the majority of question types autograde, essay question responses must be manually graded.

Not only can this feature of SnapQuiz save you time, but the instant data can also help you plan and differentiate your instruction with powerful live data. With your PDF assessment on Edulsatic, you get the benefit of the Live Class Board. You’ll see results appear in real-time and collect high-quality student data at a moment’s glance. With the results in hand, no need to spend time scratching your head about what to do next– see whether students need more time or mastered the concepts and feel confident and informed as you prepare your next lesson!

3. You Can Personalize & Digitize

Snapquiz editing menu

Once you upload your PDF into SnapQuiz, you might want to make small adjustments. With the editor tool-bar, add text, add shapes, you can make different adjustments to upgrade your newly digital assessments. You can also add an image to your assessment to help illustrate an idea or concept.

Next, you can customize your assignments with Edulastic’s vast variety of question types! All of Edulastic’s most popular question types — like Multiple Choice, Multiple Select, Text Entry, Drop down, Math ,True/False and Essay question types —  are all supported on SnapQuiz. Gone are the days of standard multiple choice tests; with SnapQuiz, you can add a variety of TEIs and multimedia to boost your assignments to the next level.

Is SnapQuiz Right For Me?

Educators everywhere love Snapquiz! See more of what they’re saying:

SnapQuiz is great for ready-to-use worksheets that require little editing. If you’re looking for a tool that allows you to change question phrasing, type or order, you may benefit more from using traditional Edulastic assessments. There are over 50,000 items in the item bank to choose from and 50+ tech-enhanced question types. 

Want to learn more about SnapQuiz? Visit the help center for a step-by-step guide!

View a Walkthrough of SnapQuiz

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