Text Dropdown Question DemoThe Text Dropdown question is one we are all familiar with. More often than not, you’ve seen it when you’ve filled out a survey, or enter your personal information. It’s reliably the question type used to ask you what state you live in.

Due to its nature, the dropdown question is an assessment question type that has only just  emerged with the rise of online tests and quizzes. In a dropdown question, the answer choices are hidden until the test taker clicks on the dropdown box to reveal the options. From there, the test taker selects an answer before hitting submit.

The dropdown is an excellent way to encourage students to “fill in the blank” based on a set of options.

To appropriately use the Text Dropdown question it’s important to understand its characteristics:

Do: Consider the 1, 2 Click

Because the question type requires two clicks, it can be a bit trickier than Multiple Choice and is best used when the students should know the answer they are looking for. Before even clicking the dropdown menu, the student should have an idea of answer in their head.

Do: Control question options

You control the options that the student sees. This means that you can focus on a particular learning objective. Whether that is grammar, spelling, ranking, or a term, you are able to focus on that one objective because you have control of the answer options.

Do: Enable question flow

The Dropdown question can be extremely useful when embedded within text. (See the example quiz.) When included throughout a sentence, paragraph, or other problem set, the drag and drop embeds nicely onto the page, allowing the question content to flow while providing dropdown spaces that check for understanding.

Don’t: Enter too many answer options

Avoid having too many options for students to choose from. This can get overwhelming, confusing, and detracts from the student’s ability to demonstrate understanding if they are spending too much time searching for an answer.

Don’t: Provide too few answer options

Avoid having too few answer options. If you only have two options for them to choose from, Multiple Choice or True and False are better question types to work with.

Do: Eliminate the typing

For students who are unable to type or spell, dropdown might be easier because all the student needs to do is click to get to the right answer. Text dropdown eliminates the need for students to type in their answers, thereby eliminating an extra step and making the question easier than a Text Entry question.

Text Dropdown Math Example

Here’s one simple way to make the text dropdown question work for a match question.

How do you utilize the text dropdown question in your assessments?


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