GoGuardian and Edulastic

We are excited to announce that Edulastic is joining GoGuardian as part of a strategic acquisition! We want to share with you why we’re teaming up with GoGuardian and what this announcement means for you, our trusted partners, and educators.  

Since our launch in 2014, Edulastic has continued to serve teachers with best-in-class online assessments. Over the years the secret sauce to our success has been simple: we listen to customers and use feedback to guide the direction of our product. With your support towards our continued goal to make Edulastic the best it can be for educators, we’ve attained some incredible milestones along our journey, which includes reaching all 50 states in 2015, students answering 1.2 billion questions in 2020, saving teachers over 2.4 million years of grading in 2021, and more. 

2021 brings an exciting new chapter as we team up with GoGuardian. Combined with GoGuardian’s solutions for classroom management, engagement, and student safety, Edulastic’s best-in-class formative assessments further GoGuardian’s mission to create the ultimate learning platform. We are entering this next chapter of our company history with GoGuardian and Pear Deck (Pear Deck merged with GoGuardian in 2020) to improve what’s possible with assessment and digital learning. This partnership will improve our offerings, enable us to serve an even larger audience while allowing us to dream bigger and work together to provide services that will improve how educators teach and students learn. 

“The Edulastic team is thrilled to join GoGuardian where the scale of our combined platform can make an even bigger impact on preparing students to solve the world’s greatest challenges,” said Edulastic Co-Founder and CEO Madhu Narasa. “Since our founding, Edulastic has been on a mission to deliver insights that help teachers teach and help students learn. GoGuardian is a natural fit that will accelerate our mission and expand our ability to serve educators, now and long into the future.”

What does this mean for you? This acquisition won’t change what you know and love about Edulastic or how you interact with us. Our commitment to educators and students is our first and highest priority. 

No matter whether you are a new or current member of the Edulastic community, you’ll be able to continue to enjoy Edulastic as usual — to track standards mastery, to give students online lessons, and to save time grading so you can continue to do what you do best, guide students on their learning journey. As a valued member of the Edulastic community, we will keep you posted on integrations and new features that arise from this partnership over the coming years.

As always, we appreciate your continued feedback and support. We are so happy to have you along on this journey and look forward to continuing to support you for years to come! 

You can learn more about this exciting update from GoGuardian and this morning’s press release. If you have any questions, please reach out to your Edulastic representative or support@edulastic.com.

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