Whether you teach math, ELA, science, or social studies, you can join teachers around the country and use online formative assessment to help guide instruction. In our Teacher Talk webinars, you’ll learn from teachers who are on the ground using Edulastic to bring online assessment to their classrooms.

We chose to offer this series by subject so you could get insight into new ideas and ways to incorporate digital assessment with your subject.

During each webinar you’ll get an overview of how you can get digital assessment to work for you.  You’ll hear from the experiences of teachers and coaches from schools and districts across the country who have been using digital assessment to meet their own teaching and learning goals. The featured presenters consist of both classroom teachers who work directly with students and technology coaches who are working with groups of teachers  across grades or subjects.

You’ll see examples of questions you can ask students, how to tie your standards to questions, and Technology-Enhanced Items that you can use to improve the questions you ask. You’ll learn how teachers save time grading, make the most of Edulastic’s reporting features, and how they craft their student’s experiences with formative assessment so that it helps empower students. By the end of the webinar, you’ll gain the confidence and inspiration to get moving with digital assessment right away.

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