We just wrapped up the 2021 Teacher Talk Webinar series! Catch the recordings below.

Join us for the 2021 Teacher Talk Webinar series! This series highlights educators who are driving their instruction with digital assessment. They’ll share tips, tricks, and best practices for using Edulastic with students to save time, improve instruction, support students, and more.

The Teacher Talk Webinars focus on the four main subjects: math, ELA, science, and social studies. In addition, we have a math leaders webinar that highlights administrators, thought leaders, and curriculum specialists who have improved teaching and learning at their school or district with online assessment.

The overall theme for the series is “best practices for digital assessment”. With this, our panelists will share some of their insider tricks, habits, and ideas that help them successfully implement digital assessment into their classroom. Whether you’re an experienced Edulastic educator or are just getting into the swing of things, you’re sure to walk away new ideas and inspiration.

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Details, Panelists, and Recordings

Edulastic for Math

The Edulastic for Math webinar will cover all things digital assessment and math!

These panelists are experienced math teachers who have great tips to share. You’ll get an overview of math-specific question types, the live assessment dashboard, and how digital assessment has brought learning to the next level in math classes. There will be time for Q & A at the end. Join us! 

Meet the Panelists

Tracie Cooper
Middle School Math Teacher

Tracie teaches math in Carollton, GA. She enjoys implementing technology into her classroom to streamline her job. She’s excited to share tips, tricks, and insights for a seamless Edulastic experience!

Alison Cox
Math/Computer Science Teacher

This is Alison’s tenth year teaching secondary math in Des Arc, AR. She uses Edulastic for state test prep, distance learning, and flipping her classroom. She will present on this and more.

Latasha Roland
5th Grade Math Teacher

Latasha teaches math in Kansas City, MO. She’s used Edulastic for 3 years to drive her math instruction. Latasha and her students love the real-time data that Edulastic provides!

Edulastic for Math Leaders

Math department chairs, curriculum specialists, administrators, and coaches won’t want to miss this webinar!

We’ll be diving into how Edulastic can help drive math instruction in individual classrooms, full schools, or entire districts. From in-depth data to advanced math questions, there is lots to cover. There will be time for Q & A at the end. Join us! 

Meet the Panelists

Barbara Zingg
High School Math/Computer Science Teacher

Barbara is a fourth generation teacher, and this is her 27th year in education! She’s a thought leader, a forward thinker, and a lifelong learner with lots of tips to share.

Rhonda Kilgo
Secondary Math Curriculum Specialist

Rhonda is a Secondary Math Curriculum Specialist in Rankin County, MS. This year, Rhonda is spearheading her district’s efforts to create a district item bank in Edulastic.

Tina Kelly
Math Department Chair

Tina is a math department head in Natick, MA. She’s an avid user of technology and is currently in the dissertation phase of an education doctoral program. This is her 16th year in education!

Edulastic for Science

Science teachers, you won’t want to miss this informative webinar on using digital assessment in your science classroom. Whether you teach earth science, physics, chemistry, or any other science topic, you’ll walk away with tips and tricks for assessing science students with engaging digital assessments. 

Specifically, this webinar will cover what tools in Edulastic work best for science educators. There will be time for Q & A at the end. Register now!

Meet the Panelists

Christopher White
Earth Science Teacher

Chris is in his 13th year of teaching in Henrietta, NY. He uses Edulasic for data driven intervention, real-time feedback, and multimeodal content delivery.

Patricia Boguslaw
Middle School Math and Science Teacher

Patricia is an EdTech and NGSS enthusiast from Chicago, IL. Patricia explains, “I am a better teacher because of Edulastic.” Her tips are sure to be awesome!

Tina Sabatello
Chemistry Teacher and Google for Education Certified Trainer

Tina teaches Chemistry in Park Ridge, IL. She’s excited to share different chemistry tools that work in Edulastic, and the ability to embed simulations right into Edulastic!

Cheryl Fisher
Biology and Environmental Science Teacher

Cheryl teaches in Magnolia, NJ. She’s a “true nature nut and loves the content she teaches.” Cheryl will share her assessment creation process in Edulastic and much more!

Edulastic for Social Studies

Digital assessment can help social studies teachers ask better questions, understand what students know, and spend less time grading. On January 21st at 3:30 pm PT, 6:30 pm ET, Edulastic for Social Studies will touch on all of this and more!

The panelists will share tips, tricks, and strategies in Edulastic that they use to help their social studies students succeed. There will be time for Q & A at the end. 

Meet the Panelists

Greg Ebert
US History and AP Econ Teacher

Greg teaches at Evergreen Valley High School in San Jose, CA. He’ll share about his Edulastic workflow, and about how he makes his assessments engaging for students in Edulastic!

Katrina Golden
Computer Literacy Teacher

Katrina is a K-5 Computer Literacy Teacher in Baton Rouge, LA. In the lab, they focus on intervention and remediation. For Katrina, “Edulastic has made analyzing student performance data easier.”

Edulastic for ELA

Edulastic for ELA features English teachers who use digital assessment to drive instruction, guide learning, and give comprehension checks and writing prompts while keeping student data all in one place. Specifically, you’ll get an overview of Edulastic features that benefit ELA teachers and students, like rubrics and ELA-specific question types. 

Whether you’re teaching remote, in-person, or in a hybrid setup, you won’t want to miss this jam-packed event. There will be time for Q & A at the end. Join us!

Meet the Panelists

Jackie Stevens
English Teacher and Instructional Coach

Jackie is an English Teacher and Instructional Coach in Mora, MN. She completed her doctorate in Education 2019. She has great Edulastic tips to share!

Kara Pickens
ELA Teacher & ELL Coordinator

Kara, an ELA Teacher and ELL Coordinator, has a Ph.D. and Master’s degree from University of Glasgow in Scotland. We’re excited to learn about her online asynchronous curriculum in Edulastic.

Myra Looney
ESS Lead Teacher

Myra is from Baton Rouge, LA. She’s currently an ESS Lead Teacher and ELA Content Leader. EBR schools uses Edulastic for formative and summative assessments, then they use that data to inform instruction.

There you have it! We’re looking forward to great presentations from the awesome panelists. We hope you’ll join us for one or all of these upcoming live events!

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