The 2018 year has come to a close and it’s time to reflect, relax, and begin a strong transition into 2019.

Join Edulastic to learn new ideas and methods for your classroom or school! We are hosting a series of pedagogy-based webinars that focus on differentiation and guiding instruction with data. We are excited about the wonderful array of special guests who are joining us on these webinars. They will share their experiences and the best practices that they employ for using Edulastic at their school. We hope you’ll join us to learn, share, and start the new year off running!

Anyone who is new to Edulastic or finally want’s to get moving with their free teacher account can get a walkthrough during the Edulastic 101 webinar at 3pm Eastern Time on January 15th, 2019.

Learn more about the webinars, panelists, and reserve your spot below.

Teacher Talk Webinars:

1/10/19 – Using Data to Guide Instruction (for teachers)

Using Data to Guide Instruction (For Teachers)
January 10, 2019
6pm ET // 3pm ET

By using Edulastic, you get instant data and in-depth reports at your fingertips! The wide array of feedback and information can help you understand how students are doing and what areas to focus on. During this webinar you’ll hear how these teachers are using the data from Edulastic to improve instruction in their classroom.

1/15/19 – Getting Started With Edulastic Digital Assessment

Getting Started with Edulastic Digital Assessment
January 15, 2019
Noon ET // 9am PT

If you’ve never used Edulastic before or want a refresher on how to use it in your class, this 101 webinar is the place to start! Whether you are interested in using Edulastic for formative or summative assessment, exit tickets, or preparing students for state testing, we want to make sure you understand the tools that are right at your fingertips! During this webinar we will give a 30 minute overview of Edulastic and will open up the last 15 minutes for questions.

During this webinar you’ll learn how to:

  • add and manage classes
  • create and give assignments
  • view and interpret the results

We look forward to sharing Edulastic with you!

2/4/19 – Using Data to Guide Instruction (for school leaders)

Using Data to Guide Instruction (For School Leaders)
February 4, 2019
Noon ET // 9am PT

How can you use Edulastic to support teachers and achieve school-wide goals? Edulastic provides data and reports for teachers and insight into school-wide student progress. In this webinar you’ll hear from school leaders– curriculum specialists and technology specialists, who will share their perspectives and insights.

Every Tuesday – Edulastic 101 Premium Overview

Edulastic 101 Premium Overview
Every Tuesday
3:30pm ET // 12:30pm PT

Join our Customer Success Team and learn how to use Edulastic Premium to:

– set up a class and assign your first assessment
– use the libraries
– employ best practices
– remove obstacles that may be preventing you from starting

Who should join?
Any teacher new to Edulastic Premium or in need of a refresher.
It is an excellent resource for teachers who have recently upgraded from Free to Premium.

*Attendees will receive a verification of attendance 24 hours after the session that can be used as documentation for professional development or in service hours.

Archived Webinars

1/8/19 – Differentiating Assessment with Edulastic

Differentiating Assessment with Edulastic
This webinar went live January 8, 2019 at 6pm ET // 3pm ET

Differentiation makes the learning process better for both the student and the teacher. In this webinar you’ll hear from a science, ELA, & math teacher and will learn how they each differentiate assessment with Edulastic.

We look forward to hosting you during one of our online webinars!

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