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Educators across the country and world turn to Edulastic Teacher Premium accounts to help students learn, identify gaps, and measure growth — all in one easy system. While many teachers are happy with our robust free accounts that include unlimited assessments and students, a large item bank and more, there are many reasons that teachers benefit with an upgrade to Teacher Premium

Get to know the features available to you in an Edulastic Teacher Premium account. In this post, we’ve laid out the features by workflow: 

  • Managing students
  • Giving assessments
  • Advanced test options
  • In-depth data

From playlists, to student groups, to dynamic questions, you’ll get an in-depth understanding of how you can powerfully and efficiently distribute learning tasks and assessments to students — in person or at home. 

Managing Students & Student Support with an Edulastic Teacher Premium Account

As an educator, there’s nothing more important than being able to deftly guide students. The following Teacher Premium features help you effectively manage and support your students and differentiate assignments and assessments. 

Edulastic Teacher Premium student group options
Easily differentiate the learning process in Edulastic with student groups.

1. Student Groups

Differentiate the learning process and provide students with assessments and support that meets them where they are at. 

With student groups, you can deliver assessments or lessons to specific groups of students. Beyond this, you can filter and view student results based on groups when looking at reports. It’s easy to mix students from different classes into different groups to track targeted students (IEP, struggling students, ELL students, or students who need an extra challenge). 

2. Parent/Guardian Portal

Give parents and guardians insight into the learning process.

Edulastic’s parent portal gives teachers the option and opportunity to invite parents to view student performance in Edulastic. This opens the door for effective teacher + parent communication, enabling you to support students at school and at home. 

3. Read-Aloud/Text-to-Speech

Give younger students or students with special needs a boost. 

Powered by Amazon, read aloud reads questions, and answer choices for students you select. Students easily click a button to hear the question and answer choices read aloud. They can then respond accordingly after hearing everything on the page. 

Giving Learning Tasks & Assessments

Creating and organizing assignments and assessments has never been easier than with an Edulastic Teacher Premium account. Check out these collaboration and organization features!

Print and distribute bubble sheets to your students. Then scan their completed sheets and the results will populate in Edulastic for Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, and T/F questions.

4. Bubble Sheets

Looking to deliver your quiz or test via a handy dandy bubble sheet? On the Live Class Board, you’ll have the opportunity to print out these pages for the class. Bubble Sheets work well with Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, and True/False Questions. That said, if you have a few open response questions in the mix, it won’t prevent you from downloading the sheet, you’ll just need to manually enter those replies and scores when submitting the responses. Each bubble sheet is unique to an individual child and has a QR code to ensure the results end up in Edulastic for the associated class, assessment, and person. No number two pencil is needed here! Just have students completely darken the circles that correspond with their choice.

5. Playlists

A stronger and more organized way to craft modules and deliver bundled learning tasks and assessments.

A playlist offers a linear track for learning advancement and a place where instructors can package and deliver lessons, practice, worksheets, homework, learning resources, formative assessments, and more formal checkpoints. You also can attach supplemental documents like PDFs if you want students to view learning materials as they work through the playlist activities. It’s a prime way to guide, monitor, and keep track of learning units. 

Eureka Math and Eureka Affirm
A playlist allows instructors to deliver organized learning paths to students.

After delivering a playlist, students can work through the assignments as you’ve assigned them and you can view progress as time goes on. The insights in Playlists are powerful. They allow you to track students’ progress and aptitude on one or more modules and the standards associated with each task. Learn more. 

6. SmartBuild

Automatically generate an assessment or quiz from a pre-determined pool of questions. Simply enter your desired standards and parameters, and let SmartBuild do the rest! You’ll SmartBuild as an option on the assessment creation page. Learn more.

6. Collaboration

Do more, together. 

Working together is the key to success. Edulastic’s collaboration features open the door for successful teamwork between colleagues. 

The co-author feature allows you to work with others to create an assessment before publishing it to the school or district library. You can edit items and assessments together and share work. This saves you time and helps you and your colleagues create personalized lessons together. 

Advanced Testing Options and Settings

A Teacher Premium account gives you advanced options when assigning assessments to your students, like anti-cheating features, pre-set redirect, and much more. 

7. Practice Assessments

Easily give online practice to your students. 

Looking to give students a practice quiz or online lesson? It’s easy with an Edulastic Teacher Premium account. By setting up an assessment as “practice”, you can filter it out when looking at mastery reports and help students learn as they go. 

Include these features for their practice work:

  • Set up the assessment as a “practice assessment” rather than a “class assessment”.
  • Use Pre-set Redirect to pre-determine how many times students can re-take an assignment or lessons. Choose to redirect only incorrect answers if you desire. 
  • Give students the ability to check answers as they go. Learning = maximized!

8. Test Interface Options

Choose the “player skin” in Edulastic that matches your state test to help your students practice as they’ll play. Pictured here: Questar.

Practice that truly mimics the look and feel of your state test.

Many educators use Edulastic to prepare students for state assessments. Apart from the classic Edulastic test interface, teachers can choose a test interface that matches their state assessment. Options include Questar, TestNav, SBAC, and more.

9. Anti-Cheating Features

Stop cheating on digital assessment. 

We get it: cheating is an ever-present problem in education. Luckily, there are features built into Edulastic to help you prevent cheating. Check out the list below:

  • Shuffle questions and answers: This feature automatically shuffles the questions on an exam, so students will see the same questions but not in the same order.
  • Passwords: Teachers can require students to type in a password when opening an assessment. Entering a password ensures that students can only access an assignment when they are supposed to. 
  • Kiosk Mode or Safe Exam Browser: These extensions lock down students, so they can’t exit an assessment to find answers elsewhere. 
  • Dynamic Questions: Randomize the numbers in an equation or mathematical question. 
  • Timed Assessments: Teachers can set a time limit for students taking an assessment. 
  • Lock assessment navigation: Students must answer one question at a time
  • Warn and/or lock out students who leave the assessment page.
  • Pause individual students

10. Calculator Options

Desmos Calculator in Edulastic

Give students the tools they need to succeed.

Math and science teachers, get excited! Edulastic provides in-app basic, scientific, or graphing calculators from Desmos to help students work through problems. 

11. Upload Work Button for Students

Students can show work on any question or at the end of an assignment by taking a photo of their paper.

When working through an assignment on Edulastic, students can now upload a picture of their work using a button found at the top of the screen. Students can either upload a picture or file to a specific question, OR they can add it at the end of the assignment on the review page.

As a teacher, you’ll see the student work in the Live Class Board when you are reviewing student responses on the question. Learn more.

12. Release Student Scores and Answers Options

Provide instant feedback, or wait until everyone is finished. 

You can decide when you want to release scores, feedback, and answers as you assign an assessment. Learn more about all the different options available to you. 

In-depth and Efficient Feedback and Student Results

Number crunching? Done. Check out the following features which make grading, feedback, and teacher adjustments simple. 

13. Present Mode

Share scores of the whole class with everyone by hiding student names.

Empower student learning with present mode. 

Present Mode enables teachers to share assessment data without revealing student identities. This means that you as the teacher can share assessment results with students, parents, or colleagues while maintaining student confidentiality. Learn more.

14. Express Grader

Adjust and add scores with ease in the Express Grader. 

The Express Grader is designed to help make the grading process easier to give comments, add and remove points, and provide a solution for teachers to capture mastery data for students who take paper-based assessments. 

15. Gradebook

Edulastic’s Gradebook allows teachers to glance at how students are doing and the assessments they’ve completed.

Track student progress on all assignments, at a glance.

On the Gradebook tab, teachers can glance at how students are doing and the assessments they’ve completed. The assessments are listed across the columns and students along the rows. It’s a great place to see information all in one place. 

16. Rubrics

A powerful way to evaluate student performance. 

Set up rubrics on Edulastic so you can score open response questions systematically. Rubrics are reusable and customizable. You can provide thorough and effective feedback in very little time. Learn more about the numerous perks that rubrics provide for teachers and students. 

17. Advanced Reports

Deep-dive into data, track progress over time, and adjust your instruction accordingly. 

Teachers and administrators love the advanced reports in Edulastic because they allow you to analyze the progress of each student, or of the entire class or district. Below is a list of some of the reports available in a Teacher Premium account:

  • Single Assessment Report: View a deep analysis of a single assessment. Compare class-level performance, view item analysis, and diagnose difficult items and areas of misunderstanding.
  • Multiple Assessment Report: View assessments over time and analyze how your students have progressed since the beginning of the school year.
  • Standards Mastery Report: Analyze the mastery of domains and standards for classes and students and get an in-depth student mastery profile report.
  • Student Profile Report: Get an in-depth analysis for any individual student to view the breakdown of their mastery, performance, and progress.
  • Engagement Report: Available for Admins Only.  See usage data for active schools, teachers, and assignments.
  • Review Student Records: In your standards mastery reports, you can look back and see how your students performed on standards in Edulastic in previous years!

The features of an Edulastic Teacher Premium account are powerful. You’ll be able to efficiently manage students and give assessments and lessons — at home or in the classroom. Beyond this, the advanced testing options will help you support students at all learning levels. With the in-depth data, you’ll know exactly how to adjust and strengthen your instruction.

Take your instruction to the next level, support students, and uncover the path to success. 

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