Here at Edulastic, one of our favorite things to do is talk with teachers. Ever since the beginning of Edulastic, we’ve made a point to chat with teachers to help steer our product, get inspiration, and overall understand how we can best support the education community! 

One of the coolest things about talking with teachers is that you learn about so many different pedagogical approaches, fun stories, and creative ways to work with students. That’s why last year we launched the Sunday Spotlight series.  We have loved this opportunity to hear from the people that inspire us and share their stories with you.

Due to the great feedback we got from last year’s series we’ve decided to transition to a new series, we are launching a new livestream series called #TalkingWithTeachers! We’re excited for this series as it will create a space for the whole Edulastic community to interact and learn from each other.

The live broadcasts will take place every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month at 7pm Eastern Time (4pm Pacific Time) and will stream live to Twitter via Periscope. Everyone will get a chance to tune in live, listen to the stories of our great Edulastic teachers, and even chime in to ask questions to these teachers themselves! Afterwards, the video will be uploaded to YouTube for people who missed the livestream. On the Thursdays that don’t have #TalkingWithTeachers, we’ll have other Edulastic Live events like Twitter chats and interviews with our own team.


Episode #1 – August 9th – Dena Morosin 

Our very first #TalkingWithTeachers was on August 9 at 7pm ET (4pm PT). We kicked off the series with teacher of 18 years, Dena Morosin. Dena is an inspiring 4th grade teacher who truly has a heart for her students and says she “can NOT imagine doing anything else”. We had a great time talking with Dena and hearing her passion for teaching and Edulastic.

If you missed it, you can watch it right here on youtube!

Episode #2 – August 23th – Evan Houdieshell 

Episode 2 will take place on August 23 at 7pm ET (4pm PT). Our second edition of #TalkingWithTeachers is with Evan Houdieshell,  Instructional Technology Specialist at Northmont City Schools in Englewood, OH. Evan spent the previous seven years teaching fifth grade Math and Language Arts and used Edulastic in multiple ways with each of these subjects. He is passionate about digital assessment being a powerful tool for teachers and students and wants to share this with others. Tune in with us on August 23 to hear his story and get a chance to ask him questions yourself right here:

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I participate?

#TalkingWithTeachers is a series designed to be interactive – everyone and anyone can be a part of it! You can chat on Twitter using the hashtag #TalkingWithTeachers or you can join the live event conversation on Periscope(accessible through your twitter account) and simply type in the chat to our broadcasters and interviewee.

I’d like to be interviewed or I know someone who you should interview!

If you’re a teacher who uses Edulastic and you’d like to share your story, let us know here: You can also nominate a teacher you know using the same form.

Will the broadcasts be recorded and posted so I can view them at a later date?

Yes, all the broadcasts are viewable later on Periscope and will also be posted on YouTube. That being said, we hope you’ll try and make the live event! It’s much more fun to be a part of the interactive experience.

We are very excited for the launch of this new series and hope you’ll join us! As with the start of any new thing, we are open to feedback and are excited to see what you think about #TalkingWithTeachers.

Make sure to follow us on Periscope and Twitter so you never miss a live event!