Every week we feature a forward-thinking, innovative educator for the Edulastic Sunday Spotlight. This feature honors a teacher who is making a difference in the classroom and putting technology to the test. Literally!

The Sunday Spotlight gives you a peek inside the classroom of forward-thinking educators. Here students from Katie Gatrell‘s classroom work on Edulastic alongside the classroom dog (a service dog in training).

What we love most, is that the Sunday Spotlight gives the world a weekly opportunity to step into the shoes of an Educator who is doing incredible work and bringing the 21st century classroom to life. Through the interview, you can step into their shoes and discover the passion, teaching tactics, and technology philosophies of that teacher.

When we interview a teacher for the Sunday Spotlight, we ask questions that will help us get a better understanding of who they are as both a teacher and a person.  We ask questions about how why they teach, about their goals as a teacher, how they incorporate Edulastic, and tips for other teachers who are interested in using digital assessment. We also get to learn about some of the fun tactics they use in their class for getting students’ attention, about prized decorations you’ll find on their wall, and about some of the funniest student moments they’ve experienced!

Each time we learn from a new educator we feel inspired! We are already a few months in and we can tell you for certain that we are amazed by the passion and dedication these teachers have for their students’ learning experiences. We’ve seen a lot of creativity, and among everyone we’ve interviewed, a consistent, positive, upbeat attitude for creating an excellent learning pathway for students. We hope you enjoy reading the interviews and that you, too, come away with newfound inspiration.

Know someone who is using Edulastic who we should interview for the Sunday Spotlight? You can nominate a colleague or yourself here.

Browse through the outstanding educators featured in the Sunday Spotlight thus far!

Week 1 – Betty Scola
Week 2 – Barbara Zingg
Week 3 – Dena Morosin
Week 4 – Phillip Moschella

Week 5 – Katie Gatrell
Week 6 – Angela Wright
Week 7 – Jennie Tookoian
Week 8 – Nerissa Gerodias

Week 9 – Steven Humble
Week 10 – Lance Key
Week 11 – Susan Lehr
Week 12 – Connie Schmidt

Week 13 – Michael Ruffin
Week 14 – Angie Jennings
Week 15 – Shea Stehm
Week 16 – Krista Hernandez

Week 17 – Karen Ford
Week 18 – Emily Young
Week 19 – Mike Isaacson
Happy Winter Break!

Week 20 – Kim Piper
Week 21 – Stephanie Lerch
Week 22 – Janet Kelly
Week 23 – William (Bill) Fishburn

Week 24 – Mary Ann Gore
Week 25 – Nick Bernardini
Week 26 – Kyle Nielsen
Week 27 – Kathi Edwards

Week 28 – Michelle Harris
Week 29 – Angela Bazzo
Week 30 – Teresa Bunker
Week 31 – Katie Breitholtz

Week 32- Kayla Fillpot
Week 33 – Jonathan Schoolcraft
Week 34 – Josh Miller
Week 35 – Suzanne Birchaux

Week 36 – Anne McCluskey

– Teacher Appreciation Week!! – 
Week 37 – Nettie Jeansonne

Week 38 – CharlesAnn Raney
Week 39 – Latasha Hailey

Week 40 – Pete Husted

Week 41 – Alison Cox
Week 42 – Lacey Brown
Week 43 – Kristina Acevedo
Week 44 – Jamie Browning

July (Updated at the end of the month)
Week 45 – Jeanne Ruth 
Week 46 – Alicia Johal 
Week 47 – Kyle Kline 

Know someone who is using Edulastic who we should interview for the Sunday Spotlight? You can nominate a colleague or yourself here.