We are proud to introduce our thirtieth Sunday Spotlight, featuring Teresa Bunker who is a Math Interventionist for grades 6 through 8 at CY Middle School in Casper, WY. She is a firm believer in the power of eduction and encourages her students to work hard and believe in themselves. Teresa enjoys the beginning of the school year the most because of the creativity and high levels of energy, plus the the ability to improve upon ideas and activities from last year while implementing new programs and ideas. We hope you enjoy the interview with Teresa!

Teresa Bunker

Math Interventionist 6-8
CY Middle School 
Casper, WY
10 years working in education

 “I truly believe in the power of education and encourage my students to work hard and believe in themselves! We all have the ability to grow!”

-Teresa Bunker

Get to know Teresa Bunker


What do you love about working in education? What motivates you? 

I love working with middle school students! Every time I see my students get excited about math and the activities for the class, makes my day. I also love watching my students grow and witnessing the amazing transformation students can have from frustration to success and confidence in math.

Why did you become a teacher? 

I became a teacher to work with young people in preparing them for their futures. I truly believe in the power of education and encourage my students to work hard and believe in themselves! We all have the ability to grow!

Describe your favorite Edulastic “aha” moment.

Last year I began a new position as an Interventionist for grades 6-8. I was given the gift of creating my own curriculum aligned with CCSS. So, I spent the first year searching for quality curriculum and resources to incorporate into my classes. During one of those searches, I found Edulastic, and I LOVE it! I needed a program with tech-enhanced questions to help prepare my students for the new state standardized test WYTOPP (AIR). Edulastic totally delivers on content, ease of use, tech-enhanced question types and amazing reporting options! My students are so familiar with the program (we use it almost every day for warm-ups or pre/post-assessments) that they ask me to put the live results up on the screen for all of us to watch (of course with the names covered in presentation mode!). This feature alone has increased my student engagement and internal motivation to succeed!

What are your teaching/learning goals this year?

Grow, grow, grow my students!!

Tips for new Edulastic users:

Jump in!  The question bank often offers hundreds of questions for one standard.  Just create a class and start creating assignments.

Quick Facts

Favorite Edulastic question type?

Drag/Drop, matching, graphing.

Favorite snack while using Edulastic

I love anything peanut butter and chocolate!



Favorite Book:

Love to read any good crime or mystery.

Best tactic for getting the class quiet?

Two options: count down or simply say “I’m waiting”, and wait quietly for them.

Must- have classroom Decor: 


Favorite time of the school year and why:

The beginning of the school year is so full of creativity and energy.  I take ideas from the previous year and make them better or implement brand new strategies, activities, programs (Edulastic!) etc. that I found over the summer.

Kindest compliment you have received from a student or teacher?

Thank you! I understand this now!

Green Star

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