We are proud to introduce our eleventh Sunday Spotlight, featuring Susan Lehr who teaches in Clovis, CA. Susan is a fun, rockstar teacher who finds ways to support teachers in her district and beyond with integrating useful technology. We loved learning about her funniest moments in the classroom, her tactic for getting the classroom quiet, and her Edulastic “Aha” moments! We hope you enjoy the interview with Susan!

Susan Lehr

Clovis Unified Technology Coach
Clovis Unified Schools
Clovis, CA
25 years teaching

Get to know Susan Lehr

What do you love about teaching? 

I love the “aha” moment in student’s eyes!

What is your “Edulastic story”? 

One day, at CUE, I was looking for an easy and interactive assessment tool that would show data – and there in front of me was Eduastic! I immediately saw how great this tool was and love the ease of use and the people at Edulastic are fantastic!

Describe your favorite Edulastic “aha” moment.

My favorite “aha” moment using Edulastic was when – I was watching students take the assessment, and noticed that the majority of the class was getting the same question wrong. I stopped the class, did a quick skill review – started the test again – and “viola” the majority of the class was much more successful!!! It was amazing!

What are your teaching/learning goals this school year?

To help teachers to use their computers in the classroom 2 or 3 times a week interactively and in small groups!

Tips for new Edulastic users:

Just start somewhere and start small. The kids love it.  Adapt easily and you will love the data! -well – your admin will, – but you will love how easy it is to find and relate your data to others!

Quick Facts

Favorite Edulastic question type?


Favorite snack while using Edulastic

Dark chocolate chips and Ritz toasted chips and red wine – (lol – you asked! )

Coffee or tea?


Favorite Book:

Anything by Patterson

Best tactic to get the class quiet?

“To infinity…” and they answer “and Beyond!”

Must-have classroom decor:

Cow print directors chair.

How do you like to spend your free time?

Playing tennis.

Favorite time of the school year?

December. Everyone is excited to break, it’s chilly out, we get to wear sweaters and it rains sometimes!

What was your greatest accomplishment in the classroom this past year?

Teachers emailing me to ask me to plan with them to incorporate technology in their classroom.

Kindest compliment you have received from a student?

Telling me how they like the way I explain things.

Funniest student moment?

When students were shocked when they saw me at the grocery store – expressing that they didn’t know teachers went to the grocery store – hmmm’… do I LOOK like I don’t ever eat?

What is your funniest moment while helping teachers with technology?

A teacher clearly 15 years younger than myself was getting frustrated and told me “you don’t understand — technology is hard for someone in my generation” .. say whaaaaaaaatttttttt ???

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