Join us live for our Stress-Free Test Prep webinar series!

As winter winds down, testing season is just around the corner. State testing may or may not be on your mind just yet, but these assessments are important to see where students are academically and identify areas where they need additional support. 

Even if you aren’t sure what testing will look like yet this year, Edulastic can help you and your students prepare. The Stress-Free Test Prep webinar series connects educators like you with state-specific test resources to put you on the path to success!

Whether you’re feeling alone during these unprecedented times, unsure what testing will look like in your state this year, or just anxious about the upcoming test, you’re not alone! This free webinar series gives you an opportunity to hear from other educators in your state that are going through the same set of challenges but have found a solution in Edulastic. They share their strategies and tools to help you feel more confident walking into the 2022 testing season.

These webinars, unique for each state, show you how to use the Edulastic tools specific to state test preparation, including premade practice tests with technology-enhanced question types. Get the resources and strategies you need to help your students know what to expect on test day. With the tactics you’ll learn, both you and your students will feel more confident in no time.

During the event recordings, you’ll hear from tech-savvy educators in your state on how they use Edulastic to get their students up to speed and ready to excel. Each sessions ends these 30-45 minute webinar with a Q&A and discussion with our panelists.

Find your state below and hear from other SBAC educators. You’ll leave with tips to implement in your own classroom to assist both you and your students. It’s never too early to start preparing to conquer the test.

Find your state or test below and click the button to watch the recording.

Indiana | ILearn

New York | NYS and Regents

SBAC | Test Prep

Ohio | OST

Virginia | SOL

All States (General State Test Prep Webinar)

Lousiana | LEAP 2025

Texas | STAAR

Did you know?
Edulastic offers free practice tests with tech-enhanced questions and actual state-released items. Find your state here to get started.

Edulastic Success Stories: How Edulastic Helps Excel Test Scores

Use Edulastic to prepare for state testing and join a group of teachers who acknowledge Edulastic for their high test scores!

Angie Wright, an elementary school teacher in Ohio, received her student’s test scores and thought there was a glitch in the report! By using Edulastic for summative and formative assessment, she was able to create flexible grouping and customize instruction that led to student success. Through the standards-mastery reports, she tracked individual progress to identify areas where students need more support and was able to focus on this content in advance of the state test.

The team at Paragould School District, in Arkansas, established school-wide mastery goals. Using Edulastic, educators are able to track standards mastery daily to identify which students are struggling. This enabled teachers to be proactive, rather than reactive, resulting in improved state test scores. In the 2017-2018 school year, their middle school math proficiency jumped 10 percentage points, earning the district recognition for top growth scores in the state. Before using Edulastic, Paragould School District lagged behind the state’s proficiency levels in Math and ELA. After using Edulastic, the test scores surpassed the state average!

Q & A

I am unable to attend the event due to a prior commitment. Will this session be recorded?
Yes! Each event will be recorded and posted to our YouTube channel. We encourage you to register for the event even if you can’t attend, and you will receive a link to the recorded 24-48 hours after the live event.

I attended the Sail Through the Standards webinar series in 2020. Will this be similar?
Yes! This webinar series will be similar to the Sail Through the Standards webinar series. We know educators have been facing a new set of challenges since 2020, so these presentations will be able to touch upon that as well!

Where can I find practice tests for my state?
Edulastic offers free practice tests with technology-enhanced question types and actual state-released items. Visit our State Test Prep page to select your state and view and assign these practice tests.

How can I connect with other educators in my state during the event?
You will be able to chat directly with other educators via the Zoom chat feature. Share ideas, tips, strategies, and more!

Learn More

Stress-Free Test Prep: Indiana

Join us to hear how educators in Indiana use Edulastic to prep for the ILEARN test. Learn how the resources available to you will help your students shine on test day. You’ll see how you can find standards-aligned questions, assign them to your students, and receive instant results to guide your instruction.

Wednesday, February 2nd @ 2pm ET

Stress-Free Test Prep: Ohio

Tune in to hear from Ohio educators how they use Edulastic to prep for the OST test. Learn how to use Edulastic to mimic the state test so your students know what to expect on test day. Plus you’ll see how you can preview and assign pre-made tests to your students!

Thursday, February 3rd @ 3pm ET

Stress-Free Test Prep: Lousiana

Tune in to hear from Louisiana educators and get tips on prepping for the LEAP test. Help your students avoid the jitters of test day, including time limits and complex questions. You’ll learn how you can utilize Edulastic to help your students feel more confident to crush to the test.

Tuesday, February 8th @ 4pm ET

Stress-Free Test Prep: New York

Don’t miss out on the chance to hear from New York educators on how they use Edulastic to assign practice tests, assign real time data and receive feedback for timely intervention. You’ll get tips on how to help familiarize your students with digital assessments to help them prepare for test day.

Wednesday, February 9th @ 5pm ET

Stress-Free Test Prep: Virginia

Register to hear from Virginia educators on how they utilize Edulastic for SOL test prep. You’ll learn how you can help your students feel more comfortable with computer-adaptive assessments and using the demos calculator. Your students will be ready to rock the test in no time!

Wednesday, February 16th @ 4pm ET

Stress-Free Test Prep: Texas

Join us to hear from Texas educators on how they use Edulastic in their classrooms to help their students prepare for STAAR testing. You’ll see how you can access and assign pre-made STAAR assessments to your students. This will give them familiarity with the question types, increased level of comfort with digital assessments, and most importantly, give them a boost of confidence for test day.

Tuesday, February 17th @ 7pm ET

Stress-Free Test Prep: SBAC

Register to hear from educators on how they utilize Edulastic to help their students prepare for test day. You’ll leave with strategies to help you and your students feel more confident on test day. Plus, you will see how you can access pre-made SBAC practice tests and easily assign them to your students.

Tuesday, February 22nd @ 4pm PT, 7pm ET