As you gear up for back to school, make sure you have the assessments and items you need to guide your students. Tune in below for a Spark overview learn about how Edulastic’s new premium content bundles will make your year even better!

You’ll learn more about the different subject-specific content bundles, including SparkMath, SparkCS (Computer Science), SparkScience, SparkELA and more!

Spark Overview

Learn More About Spark

Over the last six months we’ve rolled out Spark premium content bundles including SparkReading, SparkMath, SparkScience, SparkComputer Science and we will soon be rolling out more! Spark bundles are available to add on to any Premium or Enterprise subscription. If you’d like to get a free two week trial to see if Spark is a good fit for you, head over to the subscriptions page of your Edulastic account to activate the trial and/or sign up for a live overview today.

Spark can help you save time and energy as you plan your curriculum and develop your assessment plan. Want to learn more about Spark before joining a demo? Check out some of our recent articles announcing SparkMath, SparkReading and SparkScience.

Additional Tips for Getting Started