Edulastic Google Classroom IntegrationGoogle Apps for Education (GAFE), and Google Classroom, are very popular teaching tools. It’s easy to see why teachers rave about them: They streamline the digital instruction process and they’re free!

Google Classroom, for example, greatly simplifies classroom communication and allows for easy management of assignments that live on Google Drive. Many of these assignments on Drive are formative assessments teachers build using Google Forms. While I like Google Forms as much as anybody—serving as an excellent tool for surveys or a simple way to collect data—it is severely constrained when used as an assessment tool.

So I have a question for you: Do you love using Google Forms for formative assessment—but want more features?

Announcing Edulastic + Google Classroom

If you use Google Classroom, you can now share any Edulastic assessment with your students in Google Classroom!

The Google Classroom integration seamlessly complements the Google Single Sign-on feature in Edulastic. Students and teachers can simply click on assignments in the Google Classroom stream and instantly access an Edulastic assessment.

How it Works

Sharing Edulastic assignments with Google Classroom requires only a single click of a button. But, first, you need to take care of some housekeeping items

  • You need to have a Google Apps for Education (GAFE) e-mail with an active Google Classroom account.
  • You must use the Google Apps for Education (GAFE) e-mail to sign up in Edulastic.
  • Students must also be enrolled in Edulastic using their Google Apps for Education (GAFE) ID.


1. You will see the Google Classroom share button as soon as you assign something in Edulastic. You can also access the button from Assignments by clicking “More.”

Edulastic Google Classroom

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2. Once you click the button, you’re prompted to select the class on Google Classroom. The next step is to share the assessment with Google classroom as an “Assignment.”

Edulastic Google Classrom Integration

3. Once the sharing is complete, teachers and students see the assignment with an Edulastic link on their Google Classroom stream. Students can simply click on the assignment link and land on the Edulastic assessment. If they are not signed in to Edulastic, they simply need to sign in “With Google” before landing on the assessment page.

Google Classroom Edulastic

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We are always looking for new ways to provide teachers with more choices that allow them to leverage existing technology solutions in their class. This integration will enable teachers to leverage best-in-class features of both platforms—the communication features in Google classroom with deep assessment and reporting capability in Edulastic.

Go beyond Google Forms (and other tools for assessment) by leveraging the following Edulastic benefits in Google Classroom:

Join Edulastic today to see the Google Classroom integration in action!