Learn about Response to Intervention (RTI) and how Edulastic digital assessment can power the RTI education process for you.

RTI, or response to intervention, is a powerful way to identify student needs and provide targeted support. In this webinar, you’ll get tips and insights from four featured guest presenters– all innovative educators who have been successfully using digital assessment to implement RTI practices with their students. You’ll walk away with new ideas and inspiration to implement into your classroom, school, or district.

Webinar: Using Edulastic for RTI

Meet the Featured Presenters


Karen Hernandez
Assistant Principal

Karen is an Assistant Principal in Coachella, CA. She has her Master’s in Education Administration from the University of Redlands. To date, she has worked at the middle and high school levels, and is in her 9th year in education at Shadow Hills High School. She’s had great success using Edulastic for standards based grading, and she’s excited to share her tips and tricks!

Briana Arencibia
High School Math Teacher

Briana teaches math in Louisville, KY. She’s taught a variety of courses, but her specialties include Algebra 2, Statistics and Probability, and AP Calculus. In Edulastic, Briana loves the standards aligned question bank and in-depth mastery reports to boost student achievement. She’s excited to talk about this and more during her presentation!


Randy Swift
5th Grade Teacher

Randy currently teaches 5th grade in Saratoga Springs, NY. He has been teaching for 18 years, spending most of that time in 4th grade. For the past 5 years, he has worked as a Math Interventionist supporting students and running an enrichment math program. He has lots of knowledge and ideas to share about intervention and enrichment.

Dena Morosin
4th Grade Teacher

Dena, an elementary school teacher from Klamath Falls, OR, has been teaching for 21 years. She currently is in the fourth grade classroom. Dena has spoken to us before about her experience and success with RTI to help all students learn. Her tips and tricks shared during this webinar are sure to be great!

More Details: Response to Intervention (RTI Education) and Edulastic

Edulastic, a powerful online assessment platform, is widely used for standards tracking and RTI education. In this webinar, the panelists will show you how they use Edulastic and online assessments to identify students who need support and provide immediate intervention.

These educators are experienced and tech-savvy. They’ve each seen great growth and success using RTI with their students, and they’re excited to share their tools with you! You’ll walk away with new ideas and inspiration to implement into your classroom, school, or district. 

RTI, or response to intervention, is an effective way to support all students, and especially those students who are struggling. Educators across the country have turned to RTI in their classrooms and schools. This is because RTI in education can help you understand which students need additional help, so you can intervene and provide support. 

The setup and RTI process can take time, but the results are rewarding. Typically, educators break students up into small groups, or tiers, based on standards data. From there, intensive intervention groups or individual instruction can take place as needed.  

As we interviewed teachers to understand how RTI worked for them, we realized the important role that digital assessment often plays. This is because progress monitoring forms the foundation for understanding student knowledge. Quick quizzes or check-ins can help you keep track of progress and understand what students know and don’t know. When these quick checks are moved online, you can save time and receive immediate feedback on student progress. 

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