For everyone involved in the education process—from students and teachers to administrators and superintendents—ISTE showed us how they’re all on a never-ending endeavor to find the best tech tools to solve their most pressing classroom issues.  

As a result, it is crucial to build and foster relationships between those using the tools (the educators) and those developing them (product specialists).  One top priority requires the execution of a clear strategy for preparing students for the new Common Core standards while providing teachers with daily insights into student mastery. That’s where Edulastic comes in. 

Teacher Voices at ISTE 2014

We spoke with nearly 400 people involved in every facet of education and we’d like to share what we learned:

  • Teachers know the new rigorous standards are imminent, but they feel they’re not prepared.
  • Free, effective, and resource-loaded are the most important features a tech tool can possess (more than gamification or in-class usage).
  • Teachers and districts are always concerned about assessments—yet they don’t want to add more performance pressure to students such as high-stakes testing.  
  • If homework can be leveraged for daily assessments, or simply student practice, then there needs to be more than a wide variety of question types. There needs to be open access curated content already available. 

Edulastic’s Approach to Common Core Mastery & Formative Assessments

Not all educators are concerned with Common Core implementation.  For those that are, they found our solution to be extraordinary helpful.  But why does it work?  And what if you’re not interested in the Common Core?

  • For teachers revving up for the Common Core, Edulastic allows them to create their own assessments (from nearly 40 interactive technology enhanced question items) or choose from curated assessments created by other teachers.
  • Tracking student mastery of each standard, and intervening with remediation, can become a daily process that may revolutionize the high-stakes model.
  • Teachers not concerned with the Common Core were still delighted to find that they can craft assessments for their students and allow them to practice these assessments daily in a supplemental learning space.
  • Teachers have the ability to craft assessments and choose whether they’ll be evaluated or simply used for practice. 


We learned a ton about how teachers perceive and utilize resources.  Just as a reminder: Edulastic is currently supporting content for Grades 5-8 in Math—with all of K-12 Math content accessible at the end of the month.  Starting in late August, ELA and Science content will become available.

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