Having trouble deciding what type of question to use in your Edulastic assessments? Think a question type flowchart could help you decide which to use? If your answer to those questions is yes then you’ve clicked on the right blog post.

As a teacher, we know you’re making tons of decisions on a daily basis. Let us help you reduce the decision fatigue! We’ve created this question type flowchart to help make your life a little bit easier.

It can be difficult to decide whether to use drag and drop, label an image, or some other TEI to best convey an assessment question and test student understanding.  If you have content you’d like to test students on but aren’t sure whether a True or False or a Drawing Response question would be most appropriate, use this  guide you to help you choose the most appropriate question type on Edulastic.

Question Type Flowchart at a Glance:

As you take a look at the flowchart, notice that each color represents a different path of choices. The white path takes you to each question type without limitations. If you end up on a colorful path, such as the orange path or green path, you must continue to stay along that color. The green path points to all of the question types available with the multipart question type, and the orange path points to question types that are work with the passage based questions.

When working through the question type flowchart, follow the guiding questions and answer them to your best ability. This will allow you to narrow down the pool of question types and reach the best fit question type for your use case!

Not Your Style?

If flowcharts aren’t your style, Edulastic contains other features that will help you pick a question type for your assessment question.

Question Type Flowchart Alternative

When you create an assessment and author your own question, you’ll find 3 built-in categories to lead you in the right direction. There are Classic question types, Math Tech-Enhanced, and ELA Tech-Enhanced. The Classic question types include basic styles such as Multiple Choice, Essay Type, and True or False. In the Math Tech-Enhanced tab, you’ll find question types such as Fraction Editor, Graphing, and Number Line. Finally, the ELA Tech-Enhanced question types that include Sentence Response, Editing Task, and Classification.

Do note that question types found in ELA are not limited to ELA topics. The same goes for question types found in the Math tab.

Still need more information about a particular question type? Hover over the question mark in the upper right corner of a particular question type while in Edulastic. A video will pop-up which will explain how to use the question type.

We hope these tips might guide you to the right question types to use for the best results in your Edulastic experience!

Question Type Flowchart

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Really in a rut? Try out our Buzzfeed quiz to find out what question type you relate most with! Maybe you’ll feel inspired! Then, return to Edulastic to add your question personality type to your next quiz.