Pinpointing and tracking student mastery is easier in the digital age with tools that enable you to quickly identify if students fully understand a learning standard. To make this even easier for you, we are releasing free progress checks to help you identify where students are at. Right now these are available for math and we’ll be adding more for additional grades and subjects.

Edulastic’s ProgressChecks are meant to provide that targeted way to see if students are ready to move onto the next level, or if they still need more practice. They provide a quick way to touch base, as they are short assessments that focus on one specific standard. Each ProgressCheck contains no more than five or seven questions. 

To locate the ProgressChecks, log into your Edulastic account or create a free account if you don’t already have one. Then navigate over to either the test or item libraries where you can locate Progress Checks in the Smart Start Diagnostics collection or in the Edulastic Certified collection on Edulastic. When you look for them, type “progresscheck” in the search bar and you’ll find them labeled by grade and domain standard covered. Again, they are free and available to anyone who has an Edulastic account!

Currently, Progress Checks are available for math grades kindergarten through 8. You can use them with SparkMath to provide, review or practice. Or, you can assign them as a great form of practice on their own. Progress Checks will help you differentiate instruction, group students, and understand how to adjust your instruction to meet the needs of your students. They are great to use for both in-person and online instruction. 

Examples of ProgressChecks. You’ll find them labeled by grade and standard in the Edulastic Library.

Especially with the variability of an unusual school year, you may find ProgressChecks helpful to get insights into which students might be struggling so that you can swoop in and intervene to get them back on track. On the other hand, students who are excelling with the standards you delivered through the check might be ready for some challenge work, or to move onto the next thing! 

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