If you have an Edulastic Premium Enterprise account, you’ll know that we released some exciting new features last winter. One of these features, Edulastic’s “Present Mode”, opens up new ways for teachers to empower student learners.

Not everyone discovers this handy little feature right away. The teachers who have already been using present mode have been raving about how it has greatly enhanced their students’ learning. So for those of you who have yet to discover it, now is the time! Don’t miss out. We broke down how to use present mode and the possibilities it offers below!

What is Present Mode?

To start, Present Mode is a feature for Edulastic premium accounts that enables teachers to share assessment data without revealing student identities. This means that you as the teacher can share assessment results with students, parents, or colleagues while maintaining student confidentiality.

Using Present Mode looks something like the photo below. The student names are changed and class trends are visible. With this view, students can see class averages and can notice how they did on each question compared to the class.

How do I use Present Mode?

To get to Present Mode, simply click the “Present” switch in either the Live Class board or Express Grader view. This will make students’ names anonymous so you can then share results with your class or colleagues without compromising student confidentiality.

You can use Present Mode both after an assessment is done to project results or while an assessment is in progress.

To exit Present Mode and switch back to your regular teacher mode, simply click “Reset” in the same upper right hand corner.

Tips and Tricks from Teachers

Present Mode offers a variety of possibilities for teachers to enhance learning. Teachers love using Present Mode to help students learn from mistakes in a productive rather than discouraging way and create strategies of improvement for the future. Here are some of the creative ways that teachers are using Present Mode to facilitate learning and growth in the classroom:

“Present Mode allows me to project the assessment data on the board and we can look at the data together and see which questions were frequently missed without revealing any names. Sometimes during bellwork or an exit ticket assignment on Edulastic, I will project the Present Mode on the board while the students are working so they can see which questions are being missed and they can have a chance to go back and make corrections if they think they might need to look it over one more time before submitting.”

– Lauren T, 8th Grade Math Teacher

“I use it after an assessment or assignment is complete to show averages, discuss commonly missed questions, etc. My students also give me feedback on the questions about why something was confusing without knowing how they did. I love that the students have no idea who the people are because of name change and names moved around.”

Katie B, Middle School Language Teacher

“I sometimes use present while the assessment is in progress. I’ll say something like ‘let’s all try number 4 together and see how we do’. The students get excited seeing the green line at the top grow and groan when a yellow or red answer shows up. I could never do that if the student names were displayed. It also lets student see that maybe they aren’t the only one struggling with a concept. If they are one of the reds but 5 other kids are too, they aren’t alone.”

Betty S, Elementary School Media Specialist

“I would project a quiz on the board and direct the class to questions that were being missed. We would then do a quick intervention right then and there. Students would then be able to address the question with more confidence.”

Mike I, 8th Grade Math Teacher

“I used it to go over commonly missed items so the class could see how we performed as a whole, rather than individually. I’m not sure my 5th graders even knew which one was their data. Also, they really got a kick out of the randomized names! We also used it to see where our thinking was on a particular concept. Did more people pick A? Why was that? Was that correct? And so on.”

– Angela W, 5th Grade Teacher

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