Have You Tried Drag and Drop Assessment Questions?

Drag and Drop (1)

Let’s face it, even though digital learning doesn’t really seem new to many of us, especially if you are an Edulastic user, it still represents an uncharted frontier in Education. At Edulastic, we have quite a few “pioneer” teachers willing to embrace the technology and try the spectrum of question types.  Admittedly it takes time to explore the different question types and convert your assessments to new digitized versions—especially when it could be quicker to simply use the classic multiple choice types and call it done.  But, thanks to some of our ELA and Social Studies teachers, the way has been paved for you.

We have selected a few assessments for you that represent a wide variety of question types. We like these “explorer-themed” assessments particularly for their use of the Drag and Drop style of question. If you haven’t tried a Drag and Drop, consider it for one of your fall assessments. It showed up on both PARCC and SBAC spring test forms.

Question Spotlight- Drag and Drop (2)

6th Grade ELA
Marco Polo:  Historical and Biographical text
6.RE.A.1, 6.RE



ship3-137882-14545011106998th Grade Social Studies
Three Worlds Meet – Europeans Explore America
6.1.8.D.1,  6.1.8.C.1,  6.1.8.D.1.a, 6.1.8.D.1.b, 6.1.8.D.1.c, 6.1.8.C.1.b


The Drag and Drop question type is useful for everyone!
Check out sample Drag and Drop questions for Social Studies, ELA, Math, and Science.

If you want a quick tutorial on how to create a Drag and Drop style question, check out the video below. We also have a more detailed webinar entitled Drag and Drop Your Way to Assessment Success in our archives.