Playlists on Edulastic provide a great way to create learning modules and line up your assessments, lessons, quizzes, tests, and other pieces of your curriculum and learning units. Having this capability can help you with pacing guide alignment, project-based learning, state test prep, or working through textbooks or novels with students. Tune in below to learn all how about Playlists and how they can help you get organized!

Playlists: Get Organized for the School Year

Locating Playlists in Your Edulastic Account

To locate playlists in your Premium Teacher Account, look on the left-side menu and click the Playlist option. (If you don’t yet have Premium, activate your free trial so you can test it out and see if it might be a good fit for you.) Once in Playlists, you can browse the Playlist library or create a new playlist with your own assessments or assessments from the test libraries available to you including the public assessment collection and Edulastic Certified libraries. Visit the Help Center to learn more details about how Playlists work. 

What’s all the hype around Playlists?

Maybe you are an educator who knows what you plan on giving your students this year, or maybe you have a bunch of Edulastic assessments and activities lined up, but need a better way to organize and deliver them. Or, perhaps you’re new to online assessment and need a way to get organized in a way that provides flexibility for either in-person or remote learning. No matter the situation, Playlists will help you feel more prepared than ever for the year ahead. They help you line up assessments, practice work, labs, homework, and other activities.

Any associated resources, media, or text for students to work with can also be attached to modules and assignments within Playlists. This helps give students the tools they need to work through each piece of their learning journey. Additionally, it’s up to you whether you want to provide students with full access to the Playlist so they can work through it at their own pace, OR deliver the Playlist contents module by module or piece by piece.  

Playlists provide more organization and flexibility as you enter the school year. We hope you enjoy creating your own Playlists as you gear up for the months ahead, and keep an eye out as we work to grow the public Playlist library.

Additional Tips for Getting Started