As the traditional classroom shifts to blended or hybrid online learning, teachers and students are adjusting and adapting. Home technology access varies from family to family which can impact a student’s ability to respond to classwork while at home. In a 2015 questionnaire by the National Assessment of Educational Progress “80 percent of 8th-graders reported using a computer for schoolwork on a weekday”. In cases where a computer is not available to a student, a smartphone may be. This is where phone capabilities on Edulastic shine through.

To increase accessibility to education, our engineers made Edulastic compatible with smartphones. When teachers give assignments, lessons, or assessments on Edulastic, students can log in through their phone to answer questions and complete the work.

As the instructor, you’ll set up the assignment on a computer and deliver it as usual. Students can then complete their work on the device of their choosing: computer, tablet, or smartphone. 

Ask students to make sure their phone orientation lock is set to off because some questions are best answered with the phone held horizontally.

Tips for Smartphone Success

For Students:

To set those students using smartphones up for success, we have a couple tips. Please ask students to hold the phone in landscape mode and make sure that phone display settings are on standard view, not zoom. 

For Teachers:

When setting up lessons, assessments, or assignments to be completed via smartphone, we encourage the following guidelines for an optimal experience.


You can preview how each question will look for students on a phone. To do this, simply click on the smartphone icon at the top of your screen.
  • Stick to simple question types like multiple choice, multiple select, written response, text dropdown, passage-based, or numeric entry. The classic question types with minimal text work the best.  
  • Consider that drawing, graphing, essay response, and other more sophisticated questions require larger screens for an optimal experience.
  • Preview how the assessment will look for students when they take it on their phone. It’s easy to do this when you’re setting up the lesson. Simply click the smartphone icon at the top of your computer screen.

Do not:

  • Embed large images
  • Use “scratch pad”
  • Require a password
  • Require Safe Browser or Kiosk Mode

For more information on this topic, please visit the Edulastic Knowledge Base

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