At Edulastic, we always do our best to listen to teachers and to respond to your feedback and suggestions. We are excited to share our newest update: partial credit for all users! Previously a Teacher Premium Super Power, the ability to allow partial credit on questions is now available to all users in Edulastic. 

This has been a popular request, and we are thrilled to now have this helpful feature available to everyone. Here’s how it works:

When you’re assigning an assessment in Edulastic, you can now click the bubble that says “partial credit” as opposed to “all or nothing”. You can choose this option if you want to reward your students for getting some, but not all, of the answer correct. 

These choices are found in the “Evaluation Method” section shown below. 

Wondering what penalizing for incorrect selection does? Here’s an in-depth overview of the three options that are now available to you: 

  • All or Nothing: The student must get all parts of the question correct in order to receive credit.
  • Partial Credit/Don’t Penalize: When these two are selected, the student gets credit for any correct part and is not penalized for incorrect answers.
  • Partial Credit/Penalize : When Partial Credit is selected but the box is unchecked, the student will get credit for correct answers and lose points for incorrect answers.

Please note that the partial credit feature is applicable for multiple select questions and multipart questions with multiple select widgets. We encourage you to try this out with your students and to let us know how it goes! 

Do you have any suggestions for the Edulastic team? Our team of engineers loves hearing from teachers. You can email your suggestions to

Ready to try the newest update? 

Log into Edulastic to test it out for yourself!