Sandra - Edulastic Intern

*This post was written by Sandra, a high school student and one of Edulastic’s summer interns.

Paper consumption in the United States amounts to 31.5 million pounds per year according to

(Here’s a list of their fun facts).

My School Experience

10 pounds of school work

Sandra’s tall 10 lb stack of paper from the school year.

The day before the school year ended, as I was searching for my notes to study for my last two finals, I decided to gather up all the paper I had used for the year.

After stacking up all the sheets, I decided to weigh it. To my surprise it added up to 10 pounds (this wasn’t even all the paper I had used during the school year)!

My school alone, which has over 2,000 students, would have approximately 20,000 pounds of paper consumed by the students alone in one year. The amount teachers need would probably be double that. Reducing the consumption of paper is vital as resources become more scarce. Recycling helps but that process also takes up energy, time, and resources.

Going Green in Schools

One of the first things I noticed about Edulastic was the versatility of the software to create homework or other assignments that is easily accessible for the students (and 100% paperless).  Homework, right now, usually comes in the form of paper worksheets or book work. Now teachers can use less paper worksheets, and save themselves the time and money to print copies for their classes. Students will also have the ease of knowing that they will never need to worry about losing their homework.  

With respect to the environment every little step helps, so if one teacher decides to use Edulastic in his or her classroom just a few more trees will get to stay alive just a little longer. As we move into the future it is important now more than ever to use fewer resources. It’s nice to see more pioneers in greener education.

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