****We are currently not offering Office Hours. If you’re looking for support with distance learning, please visit our Distance Learning Hub. If you need technical support, please email support@edulastic.com.****

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Think back to when you were in school. It’s likely that some of your teachers hosted “office hours.” During office hours you could stop by, ask questions, and get more help on classwork. Similarly, we are hosting office hours to support you with online learning!

We are opening our “virtual office” to you! Join us Wednesdays at 3PM PT, 6PM ET for Online Learning Office Hours. We know this is a challenging time, and we are here to support you every step of the way. Our team members will be live, answering questions and demonstrating Edulastic features that help with online learning.

We host Office Hours on an open video chat platform called Zoom where you can come and go at any time. All you have to do is register for the upcoming day you wish to attend (links included below) and log on at the appointed time.

If you’re brand new to Edulastic, we recommend checking out this Edulastic 101 Webinar first, then joining us for Office Hours to ask any questions you may have. The webinar will teach you how to add and manage classes, create and give assignments, and view the immediate results.

Whether you just started using Edulastic or you’ve been using it for years, Office Hours are open to all members of our community. You can join in to ask simple, getting-started questions or more specific, technical questions. Or, you can simply join in to learn!  

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you join Office Hours?

Sign up using the above links. Zoom will send you a confirmation email that you can use to join the meeting.

Can I join on my phone?

Yes! You don’t need a computer to join; Zoom will also give you a number so you can call into the meeting if you prefer.

How long are office hours?

One hour. You may come and go as you please.

Do I have to share my video and audio on the meeting?

Nope! Video sharing is an option, but you can easily turn off your video if you prefer to be unseen. Our support team members will have their videos on so you can see them, but nobody else needs to do so. For audio, we mute everyone initially to avoid confusion, but you can turn your audio back on to ask a question. A chat box is also available throughout the call if you prefer to type in questions rather than speak.

Who can join Office Hours? 

Office Hours is most effective for teachers, principals, technology coaches, curriculum directors, and anyone who either directly uses Edulastic or helps other Educators with Edulastic.

What questions can you ask?

We’re open to all Edulastic-related questions from all experience-levels. We only ask that you refrain from off-topic or inappropriate questions.

How many people are in each office hour session?

This varies by week. Some weeks there may be 30 people. Don’t worry, our team members make sure to answer every question.

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