Over the last few months I had the pleasure of interacting with Edulastic teachers on social media, Google Hangouts, and in-person during a couple of on-site Pioneer Program trips to New Jersey and Ohio.

Each open dialogue I participated in was extremely valuable—giving me a clear understanding of what teachers like about Edulastic and how we can help make their job easier. Above all, I’m blown away by their candor and willingness to share their feedback and ideas to improve the product.

As always—we have taken their knowledge and experience to heart and made some essential improvements to the Edulastic app!

Read Part 2 & Part 3 of New Teacher Inspired Features. 

User Feedback, Testimonials, and My Tweetstorm Announcement

Listening to Teacher’s Voices

Teacher ideas and feedback play a major part in shaping our product roadmap—including the new Edulastic release that I announced on Tuesday February 10th in a Tweetstorm. This new release is important as it addresses many feature requests that we have received since launching in July 2014.

Here’s a snapshot of the new feature areas I’ll cover in this three-part blog series:

  1. Assessment Administration: Enhanced class and assessment management for smoother administration.
  2. Assessment Items: New question types and improvements to existing question types.
  3. Review & Feedback: Features that improve your ability to analyze assessment responses and provide feedback to students.

*In Part 1 I will cover the new features in Assessment Administration area. Please click each image to enlarge. 

Assessment Administration

Preview assessments and review your questions from the student’s perspective

Giving teachers the ability to view an assessment from the student’s perspective always topped the list of desired enhancements. I’m happy to say that this feature is now in Edulastic. Teachers can preview any assessment, and answer questions, just like their students would. This feature will be especially useful in validating the presentation and correctness of the question.

Flexible points

Each question ranges and difficulty and interaction, so why not give each question a different weight? The days of one-point-fits-all just came to an end. You can now customize the maximum points awarded for any question including questions authored by someone else in the community.

Duplicate and fork questions

How often have you come across a tech-enhanced question in the app and thought: I’d love to use this, but also make some important changes or improvements? Edulastic now enables you to duplicate any question, giving you the opportunity to tinker with community shared questions. Instead of creating a brand new classification or drag/drop questions from scratch, you can now duplicate an existing question and freely experiment with making it your own. Sounds neat, right? Try it out!

Flexible classroom roster

Edulastic now gives you greater flexibility in managing your classroom roster by allowing you to remove students from the class. Simply go to “Manage Class” and click on “Edit Class”. You will be asked to confirm what you are doing as this step cannot be undone.

In the next post, Part 2, I will cover the feature upgrades in the area of Assessment Items. There are tons of goodies, and teacher inspired features, so stay tuned!

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