New Features Edulastic Winter 2017Announcing five new features released this winter for premium teacher and admin accounts! If you’ve been using Edulastic for a while now, you know that we are continuously working to take digital assessment to the next level. We want our teachers and school leaders to be able to create, assign, and grade student data in a way that is easy, saves time, and provides valuable insight. Ultimately we strive to help make the lives of educators better!

This winter update consist of features that help school leaders prepare and administer common assessments, and features that help educators share their reports with others. Many of you requested these features to help you with formative assessment, so now we are excited to deliver them to you! Next time you log into your premium account, keep your eye out for these exciting changes!

Here are the new features we’ve rolled out this winter for premium users:

1. Calendar View of Common Assessments for School Admins and District Admins

Administrators at both the school and district level can now view common assessments in a calendar view. This sleek, eye-catching feature provides a new way to to visualize and manage scheduled common assessments. Especially when there are multiple common assessments being delivered to multiple grades, the calendar view can ensure that the common assessments are scheduled for the correct days.

New Feature Calendar View Admin 2017

2. Printing of Reports in Premium Teacher and School Admin Accounts

We love reducing piles of paper and saving trees. At the same time, a physical copy of student reports is helpful to bring into a meeting or to share a colleague or supervisor. teachers and school admins can now print data from some of the reports. Just look for the print button and your data will soon be off to the printers.

3. View Question Use Summary in Admin Accounts

When looking for questions to add to a common assessment, school and district admins will now have more information to aid them in question selection. Admins will be able to see (1) how many times and (2) where a particular question from the item bank has been used in a district created assessment. This information will help admins either avoid over-using a question or identify which questions are popular for common assessments.

4. Mark Student Response as “Submitted”

Teachers now have the option to “Mark as submitted” for students with an assessment in a status of “Not Started” and “In Progress”. If a student did not complete an assignment in time or failed to submit the assignment, the teacher can now select and close that student’s assignment.

New Feature Edulastic Mark as Submitted

5. Present Mode

Teachers who wish to present assessment data without revealing student identities can now click on the “Present” button in either the Live Class board or Express Grader view. This will anonymize the student’s name, protecting student confidentiality.
Present mode allows teachers to show live results to the full class or other colleagues without compromising student data. Sharing your workflow or presenting to your district or at a conference? Present mode is a great way to show your student data or show how you use digital assessment insights.

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