There are few things more valuable in education than being able to collaborate with other teachers and school leaders. When teachers work together, it can lead to higher rates of student achievement and teacher retention. At Edulastic, we are always working to make teaching and assessment better. Our newest feature makes collaboration and sharing assessments easier than ever before!

Here’s How the New Sharing Feature Works:

Now on Edulastic, you can link share with other teachers at your school or district by simply typing their email into the “Invite users” box. Once you share your assessment, your colleague will receive an email that says an Edulastic assessment has been shared with them. From here, that teacher is able to preview the assessment and easily assign it to their class. In addition to the email, the assessment also shows up in their “Shared with me” section of their Edulastic library.

This feature is especially helpful for teachers who work in a PLC or for teachers who are administering common assessments across different classes, but don’t want to share the assessment or questions across the entire school, district, or publicly. 

In addition to this new way to share assessments, there are several other ways that you can continue to share assessments on Edulastic — you can share to your school library, district library, or to the public library. We encourage you to add your assessments to the public library to help other teachers in your state and across the country! The more collaboration, the better for everyone!


Does the teacher you share an assessment with then have the ability to share it? 

No. Only the original author can share the assessment through “Invite users”. That being said, the teacher could share the assessment link with others.

Can you remove a teacher once you share the assessment with them via the “Invite users” box?

Yes. Simply remove the email from the “Invite users” box and hit save. 

Can I share my assessments this way with teachers outside of my school district?

No. To do this, you can add the assessment to the public library and send it to them using the link. 

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