We do our best to listen to teachers and school leaders everywhere so that we can continue to make Edulastic the best it can be for educators. That means continuing to build on our powerful platform in ways that help you make teaching better and engages your students.

With our newest and probably grandest feature of the year, we aim to honor the rise of blended learning over the years and the persistent trend of engaging student learners. We are extremely excited to announce that we are welcoming a new question type to our over 30+ TEIs!! You asked for it, and as always, we listened. Educators were asking for better ways to engage their students and we knew this would be the perfect fix.

Presenting Drag and Drop for paper!! 

This new question type features the following:

  1. Printer-friendly: Quickly print to prepare for students
  2. Special stylus: Students place answer choices with fingers, eraser, or specialty tool.
  3. Adhesive-friendly: Use glue or prepare small circular pieces of tape beforehand for secure placement
  4. Hands-On Learning: Especially great for fidgety students, such as nail-biters who need something more to engage their hands.
  5. Blended learning: At its finest! Once students turn in the assessment, hand-score and add results to the Edulastic Express Grader.

Here’s how it works. 

In this video we demonstrate how this new question type works and how it looks for students. We know you can’t wait to get started. Curious what other teachers are saying about the new feature?  We got teacher input and have shared it with you below the video.

Here is what we heard from the beta testers of our newest feature:

“I think the preparation that goes into setting up this TEI helps build character. I have the students prep the tape or pull out the glue sticks. It keeps them from taking modern-day technology for granted.” – Sarah, STEM Coach, Florida

“Now students are more engaged, they are able to not only exercise their mind, but also their fine motor skills.  ” – Zach, Math Teacher, New York

“My printer has been rather quiet. It hasn’t been doing its fair share of work around here. Maybe it was lonely. With this new question type I’m excited to put it to work again!” – Jane, ELA Teacher, Idaho

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