Get more manageable, robust reporting capabilities with new Edulastic Premium Reports! Pre vs. Post Report and Performance by Rubric Report functions help teachers and administrators track student growth between common assessments.

Meet the New Reports

Pre vs. Post 

Identify cohorts of students who’ve shown growth or may benefit from additional support based on the results of two assessments. Compare performance across assessments, evaluate how students progress, gauge the lesson’s or intervention’s efficacy, and better understand student growth. With the Pre vs. Post Report, you can see how students progress, compare performance by class, see the impact of instructional changes, and more. 

Find the Pre vs. Post Report in the Multiple Assessment Report section under the Standard Reports tab to access metrics like:

  • Performance level distribution, including percentages and counts of students
  • Band jumps pre- and post-assessment
  • Change in performance by class
Compare student performance across two assessments to analyze the change in scores and the movement of students across performance bands to assign an appropriate intervention.

Performance by Rubric 

Better analyze student data and view graded rubrics to identify patterns and trends across classes, individuals, and categories. This interactive report expands on student performance based on the assessment rubric. With the Performance by Rubric Report, you can: 

  • Use rubrics beyond grading with helpful insights into the scored results
  • View trends and adapt instruction based on rubric results
  • See if students mastered the content 
  • Gauge insights across an entire school or district (Tip: Use this report to find practice opportunities before benchmark assessments)

Find the Performance by Rubric Report in the Standards Mastery Reports section within the Standards Report tab.

View the average rating and distribution of responses against the rubric’s criteria for one or more tests. This report can be filtered by individual, class, or group.

Pre vs. Post and Performance by Rubric Reports are Standard Reports available to all Edulastic Enterprise and Teacher Premium customers.

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