We love it when educators in our community think of cool new ways to use Edulastic and create mashups that make their assessments even more engaging. Edulastic Innovator Harry Dickens showed how to embed many different types of multimedia into Edulastic: Prezis, interactive timelines, Google docs and more!

Recently I heard from some teachers in Ohio whose students draw geometric figures with Geogebra. They discovered the students could take screenshots of their work in that program and upload them as images into an Edulastic essay question, along with their explanation of their work in the essay box.

Geogebra screenshot

That got me thinking of other ways you could use this feature to give students more flexibility in responding to questions. Some ideas:

  1. Google Drawing

If your students use Google Drawing to show their work, students can draw something there, take a screenshot and upload it to go with their essay explaining the drawing.

  1. Photos

While this idea may work better as homework than an in-class assessment, you could have students take photos and upload them into an essay question. For example, have students go around the school (or their house) and take photos of different types of angles (obtuse, right, etc.). They can then upload the photos and label them in the essay question.

Angles screenshot

  1. Handwritten notes

Whether students are taking notes on a science experiment or working out formulas on paper, they can snap a photo of these notes. Then they can write their conclusion in an essay question and with a few clicks, upload their handwritten notes as evidence.

science screenshotI hope you find this feature useful. How else might you use images from students in your assessments? Let us know!