April 1, 2021 – USA – Ms. Valeri Frizzle and her science colleagues at Walkerville Elementary have partnered with Edulastic to support students. The partnership began in August 2020 for back-to-school, and amid the pandemic both the educators and students have found it useful for learning, as the partnership included the installation of a button for the teachers and students alike to dive into a field trip together. 

‘If you keep an open mind, you never know who might walk in’, is a common philosophy of Ms. Frizzle. The Edulastic team was both thrilled and ready to get to work when Ms. Frizzle originally approached about the project and partnership last summer. 

The partnership puts Edulastic even further on the brink of EdTech innovation. STEM education has long been an area needing attention within the US; students lag behind other countries in proficiency. Providing full field trip experiences can help students truly comprehend science and the way the world works. 

In a strange year where many students and teachers had to be remote or experience classes in an unconventional way, the new Field Trip button(shaped like a yellow school bus) provides a way for Ms. Frizzle and her students to continue to learn and dive into learning adventures together. “ Let’s get out there and explore,” said Ms. Frizzle. “The best way to know is to do. ” During this 2020-2021 school year the new portal provided a most welcome hands-on escape.

As a science teacher who values in-person and dynamic learning experiences, Ms. Frizzle makes the most of the following three Edulastic features:

  • Field-Trip Button
    • With this, Ms. Frizzle can embed the “instant field trip” button into any Edulastic question type, allowing both her in-person and remote students to journey to a new and exciting place at the click of a button
  • Live Class Board
    • Ms. Frizzle watches as her students take short quizzes after fun and safe field trips. With the real-time data, she’s able to send certain students back to the field trip to re-learn any material they may have missed. Or, she can send students onto the next journey if they’re ready. 
  • Pause Button
    • Ms. Frizzle needs to be ready to say, “Bus, do your stuff” and jet off onto a field trip at any given moment. The pause button in Edulastic allows her to freeze her students’ work, so they can join her on their next adventure. 

“This partnership has allowed us to expand our horizons, and integrating the new Field Trip button expands what’s possible for schools and districts everywhere.” said Edulastic COO and Co-founder, Aditya Agarkar. “We’ve been amazed at the places that Ms. Frizzle has taken her students and are delighted to continue to support instruction for her and everyone at Walkerville Elementary.”

From Ms. Frizzle’s shoulder, even Liz the lizard gave an approving nod– expressing excitement over this new way to dive into science field trips.

Back in September Ms. Frizzle exclaimed, “Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!” as she took her class on their first field trip to explore habitats. Since then her class has been to the moon, the sun, under the sea, inside a cell, and immersed as a part of the water system. This is experiential learning at it’s finest. And when the students get back, she can follow-up with a friendly formative on Edulastic to see what connections students made during the trip.

Both Edulastic and Ms. Frizzle are excited about this partnership, the Field Trip button, and about continuing to work together to support students in the years to come! 

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