Single sign-on, easy embed links, and a user-friendly experience make Edulastic and Microsoft 365 Education quite the EdTech dream team. In the United States and across the world, educators are finding organization and assessment success when combining these two platforms. 

Edulastic is the perfect assessment partner to Microsoft’s Education suite. As many educators know, Microsoft products are great for organization and communication with students. Edulastic, a powerful and free assessment tool, is great for test creation, quick quizzes, and progress monitoring. Combine these two powerful tools and you have a dream team at your fingertips. 

This blog post walks through how to use Edulastic and Microsoft hand-in-hand. Let’s dive right in and take your assessment game to the next level.

Microsoft 365 Education

1. Single Sign-On

No need to keep track of multiple usernames or passwords (that’s impossible to do anyways!). When creating an Edulastic account, choose “Sign in with Office 365” and continue to enjoy single sign-on from there out. 

When you select “Sign in with Office 356”, Edulastic will ask you to enter your Microsoft credentials. Once you do this, you’re all set, and moving forward, you can log in at the click of a button. 

2. Create a class and add students 

After signing in with your Microsoft account, create a class and add students using their Office 365 usernames. This allows students to experience seamless single sign-on — just like you. 

Microsoft 365 Education

To create a class, head to the “manage class” tab and click the “create class” button. Enter your class details (name, grade, subject, etc.) then hit save. Here’s a quick overview video that walks you through step by step

Now, it’s time to add students (possibly the easiest step of all!). Click the “add multiple students” button and simply copy and paste in your student’s Office 365 usernames. Here’s a quick overview video that walks you through step by step. This creates accounts for your students and gives them single sign-on ability using their Microsoft emails and passwords. 

3. Embed Link into Microsoft Teams

Many teachers choose to use Microsoft Teams to communicate with students and post assignments. Once you’ve created and assigned your powerful assignment in Edulastic, it’s simple to post the embed link into Microsoft Teams for students to access. Here’s how. 

Head to the “Assignments Tab” in Edulastic. From there, click on the “actions button” for the test you just assigned. Click “embed link” and copy the test link to your clipboard. 

Next, open up Microsoft Teams and simply past the embed link in your class stream for students to click on. Students take the exam and you watch the results in real-time. 

It’s that simple!

You got it, it really is that easy to use Edulastic and Microsoft hand-in-hand. We’re thrilled about this easy integration and hope you are too! 

If you’re brand new to Edulastic, you may want to check out our Quick Start Guide or an Edulastic 101 training in addition to the above information. We have many resources to help you get started, comfortable, and excited. 

While the above blog post focuses on using Edulastic and Microsoft 365 Education for individual teachers, we also can help set up this integration at a school or district-wide level! The process is similar and just as easy. If you’re interested in using Edulastic across your school or district, you can request a demo here

Microsoft 365 Education

If you have any questions, you always can search or ask questions on our sleek Help Center, which contains support articles, tutorials, and questions & answers. Or, send us an email at

Give it a go!