We are thrilled to introduce the Innovator Team for the 2019-2020 year!

Get to Know the Edulastic Innovator Team 

“So pumped to be part of the @Edulastic #Innovator team again this year!! By far one of my most favorite #Edtechtools! Can’t wait to see what is in store for 2019-20,” tweeted Kyle Kline, a Mathematics Curriculum & Technology Integration Specialist. Like Kyle, we are also pumped for this upcoming year! 

This summer, we welcomed onboard the teachers and school leaders who make up the ‘19-’20 Edulastic Innovator Team. These educators are smart and savvy. They know how to effectively use technology in the classroom. Often, these educators have found success with Edulastic, can’t wait to be a part of the team, and look forward to sharing their enthusiasm with others who are looking for a helpful edtech tool. 

Edulastic Innovator Team members engage with the Edulastic community in many different ways. They lead workshops or presentations, sometimes they write guest blog posts, and they are often eager to reach out and lend a helping hand to new Edulastic users.

Additionally, the Edulastic Innovator Team helps Edulastic develop in the right direction. Their ongoing feedback through focus groups and feedback forums helps us understand what educators want from a digital assessment platform. With their input, we can gain insight into their perspective and can make Edulastic the best it can be!  

This year, we are happy to have a diverse variety of educators on the Innovator Team! We have educators from thirty-eight states across the US as well as internationally in Spain and Nigeria.  Many members teach math, science, ELA, social studies and are from all grades. 29% of Innovator Team members teach high school, 36% teach middle school, and 34% teach elementary school. The team is also made up of different specialists, coaches, and administrators.

We are excited to work with all the amazing members of the new Edulastic Innovator Team this year! 

Connect with an Edulastic Expert

Learn more about the Edulastic Innovator Team and connect with members of the team on the Edulastic Innovator Team Homepage. On this page you can read about their individual biographies, find people in your own state, and you can connect with them via their Twitter handles.

In addition to Kyle, Many Edulastic Innovator Team members have already shared their excitement on Twitter. For example, Richard Smith, a Junior High School Science Teacher, said he was “looking forward to working with Edulastic and the Innovator Team to help build Edulastic to be even more awesome!”

Twitter Chat: Join us for a Twitter Edulastic “Meet ‘n Greet” on Tuesday, August 6th at 4pm via #EdAssessChat for a live conversation and to get to know others within the Edulastic Community.

Edulastic Innovator Team Spotlight

This year, we are featuring awesome educators in our Edulastic Innovator Spotlight. This series will give you the opportunity to see how they use Edulastic and other edtech tools at their own school. Stay tuned for future updates on the Edulastic blog!

In the meantime, check out the 48 featured educators featured in the Sunday Spotlight Series.

Join the Edulastic Community Group

Join the Edulastic PLN! No matter where you live around the world, you have the opportunity to connect with other Edulastic users in the Edulastic Community Group on Facebook. Who knows, these connections can lead to meaningful collaborations or new ideas for your school. We encourage the sharing of tips, tricks, and other stories of student success in the form. When you join, please introduce yourself to fellow educators and enjoy being connected to a community of forward-thinking tech-savvy education leaders.