In recent times, digital grading software has completely transformed how teachers do their work. Grading can be a daunting and time consuming task, but technology has creatively brought forward solutions that have increased performance and efficiency. Nowadays, there are different tools that educators can rely on to quickly and accurately determine student grades to provide a better and more effective learning approach.

One great technological advancement for teachers is scannable bubble sheets that can be converted into instant data. In this post we take a look into the Edulastic and MasteryConnect Bubble Sheet options to see what features each offer and provide a comparison of the two.



SnapScore is a Premium feature in Edulastic that comes with the Teacher Premium ($100/yr) and Enterprise Edition(plan-based per-student cost) of Edulastic. Edulastic has been at the forefront of championing the use of modern learning techniques and instrumental in providing exam resources, practice tests and digital grading features. Using Edulastic’s SnapScore, teachers can automatically score multiple choice tests that have been created in Edulastic. SnapScore works using an extremely simple approach; teachers can easily and conveniently print bubble sheets to be used for an assessment. When students have completed an assessment, a teacher uses SnapScore app on a smartphone to scan and capture student responses via the phone camera for purposes of scoring and analyzing results.


Features of SnapScore


SnapScore seamlessly updates scores on the Edulastic dashboard at the click of the shutter.

  • Quickly print bubble sheets: Teachers and educators can print bubble sheets on their computer
  • Easily scan bubble sheets: Results are quickly recorded through free SnapQuiz app by scanning each sheet with an Android or iOS app.
  • Seamless integration with Edulastic reports: Once scanned, assessment data appears in Edulastic assessment dashboard and reports.

Visit here for more information about SnapScore.

MasteryConnect Bubble Sheet

A peek at the GradeCam platform.

MasteryConnect Bubble Sheet (GradeCam)

Similar to SnapScore, the MasteryConnect Bubble Sheet platform, GradeCam enables teachers to scan and instantly grade multiple-choice tests as well as other types of assessment. GradeCam is free for up to 10 questions on Mastery Connect’s free version but the Teacher Pro version ($250/yr) must be purchased for more. There is an option to send the results back to the DataDirector to facilitate scoring and reporting. GradeCam has a number of features that enable to platform to help teachers grade students for various tests and assignments.


Features of GradeCam

  • Design and print answer forms: Can easily print out bubble sheets on normal paper
  • Save assessments to DataDirector: Create assessments from within GradeCam and save them to DataDirector. A teacher or educator can then use a document or web camera to instantly capture student responses.
  • Scan bubble sheets with camera: 2.0 megapixel camera or greater for best results


Visit here for more information about MasteryConnect bubble sheet solution: GradeCam.

Final comparison notes:

In summation, Edulastic’s SnapScore and MasteryConnect bubble sheet solution, GradeCam are both useful tools that can be used by teachers to scan paper bubble sheets to facilitate more efficient grading. Both tools seem to provide easily printable bubble sheets and good feasibility of grade transfer. The main differences are that Edulastic’s SnapScore is available at a lower cost and the bubble sheet process occurs all on one platform- Edulastic. Mastery Connect’s Gradecam requires an additional cost and the process of setting up the assessment, scanning the bubble sheet, and using DataDirector requires the integration of three separate programs.

As for pricing, there are very limited aspects of the MasteryConnect bubble sheet,  GradeCam, for free – up to 10 questions. After that, teachers can do up to 100 questions for their Teacher Pro version which is $249/year. For Edulastic, SnapScore is only available with a subscription but the pricing is much lower at $100/year for Teacher Premium and is also complementary with the Enterprise Version.

Digital grading software applications have transformed how teachers and educators do their work. Before choosing a tool for yourself, it’s important to carefully review the features with your classroom needs in mind. We hope this overview helps you discover some of the options you have when it comes to new-age bubble sheet grading.

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