The ball is in your court! We’re kicking off the first-ever Edulastic March Madness (#EduMarchMadness) Tournament, where YOU get to vote for the Edulastic Question Type Champion! Join the #MarchMadness fun, even if you’re not an NCAA basketball fan.

Edulastic offers over 50 different technology-enhanced items (TEIs) for educators to choose from when creating questions and assessments. The variety of TEIs, or question item types, helps teachers engage students, ask robust questions, and assess student knowledge.

Which question type do you think reigns supreme? Which is your personal favorite, your students’ favorite, or which simply deserves the spotlight? It’s up to you to make sure your pick makes the Final Four!

Will you crown the classic Multiple Choice as the 2022 March Madness Champ? Can Graphing claim the title of “America’s Favorite Question Type”? Read on to learn how you can vote for your favorites and get them through to the next round!

How Does #EduMarchMadness Work?

Vote, Vote, Vote!

Head over to Twitter on March 14th @ 9am EST for the first round of voting. Each day’s matchups will be pinned to the Edulastic Twitter page, with voting polls included in the thread below. You can also scroll through the thread to cast your vote for the TEIs that you’d like to see advance! Round 1 voting will run from 3/14-3/17, and the winners will be announced on 3/18.

Post Your Picks

Once you vote via the polls in the thread, Tweet your pick for that round with the hashtag #EduMarchMadness and the @Edulastic handle included. If any of your picks from that round move on, you’ll automatically be entered to win that week’s giveaway prize! Oh yeah, did we mention there are giveaways?

Claim Your Trophy

Giveaway prizes include Starbucks gift cards, exclusive Edulastic swag, one year’s subscription of Edulastic Premium, or a Spark Premium Content bundle of your choice!

One winner per round will be selected. You can make 1 pick per day – those with multiple correct picks in a given round can qualify for multiple giveaway entries.

More About the Contenders: Tech-Enhanced Items

From traditional multiple-choice to drag and drop, label an image, passage-based questions, and graphing, there are question types that are exemplary for all subjects and grade levels. TEIs help make questions and assignments more engaging, they enable educators to ask robust questions, and they can simply make the assignment fun!

In Edulastic you can work from pre-made questions or make your own. Utilizing those TEIs effectively will enable you to develop comprehensive lessons, quizzes, and tests.

Curious to explore the March Madness contenders in more depth? Browse the 11 categories of TEIs here:

Wondering which TEI suits you best? Take this fun BuzzFeed quiz to find out which Question Type you are!

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