This just in: If you are attending one of our upcoming webinars or trainings, you’ll be entered to win access to our brand new content bundles!

Here’s how it works: Attend a live webinar for a chance to win! For every 100 people who attend the webinar, we’ll give away a free content bundle(100 to 200$ value) to a live attendee. Even more fun, we’ll announce the winners live during the event. 🎉 And if you’re wondering, the answer is yes, each event you attend counts as an entry!

Here are the upcoming events and the associated giveaways you could win! 

SparkMath Giveaway

When you attend a math event this spring, you’ll be entered to win a full year of access to SparkMath.

SparkMath provides curriculum-aligned, differentiated practice to guide every student to mastery. SparkMath recommends review, practice or challenge work as the next assignment for each student, but the teacher is still in control. Customize any assignment, provide students multiple attempts, or allow students to check their answers as they go.

Attending any of the following events will get you into the SparkMath Giveaway Raffle:

Literature Content Bundle Giveaway

Literature and phonics content bundles are coming your way! If you are tired to preparing your own book check-points and formative assessments, we’ve got your back. These content bundles cover popular school literature and more.

Attending any of the following events will get you into the Literature Bundle giveaway raffle:

SparkScience Giveaway

When you attend the Edulastic for Science webinar you will pick up some new tips and learn from awesome presenters. Additionally, you’ll be entered to win a year of SparkScience. The winner(s) of the SparkScience giveaway can dive into pre-made Next Generation Science Standards(NGSS) content with the SparkScience bundle.

Attending any of the following events will get you into the SparkScience giveaway raffle:

Edulastic Teacher Premium Giveaway

Unlock more ways to support your data-driven instruction. Teacher Premium gives you new more in-depth data, plus options to assist students, collaborate with colleagues, prevent cheating & more.

Attending any of the following events will get you into the Edulastic Teacher Premium giveaway raffle:

Giveaway Details:

Each event attendance at the events outlined above qualifies the participant for one entry into the raffle for the giveaway as outlined above.

By registering and participating in our live events, you are agreeing to the sweepstake rules and regulations. Edulastic provides any and all giveaways at the discretion of event participants. By providing your contact information and subsequently accepting any item from Edulastic, you acknowledge and affirm that you are aware of and understand all rules and regulations relating to your acceptance of any item from Edulastic, regardless of whether said rules and regulations are enforced by school, local, state, or federal entities.

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