Welcome to Edulastic’s training library!

Here, you’ll find information and registration links for our upcoming live trainings. Join us live to learn how to use your Edulastic account to identify gaps, help students learn, and measure growth — at home or in the classroom.

Edulastic trainings generally include a presentation followed by a designated Q & A time. Our team will be live, answering questions and providing support to help you get off the ground running with Edulastic and online instruction. All Edulastic trainings are FREE. We hope you join us for these exciting live events!

Upcoming Live Trainings

At this time, there are no upcoming trainings. Please view our recordings below, or visit the Edulastic YouTube channel.

Watch a Training On-Demand

Check out an on-demand recording of a recent training.

On-Demand: Edulastic 101

Catch the recording of an Edulastic 101 training! You’ll learn how to create an account and class, assign an assessment, and interpret the immediate results.

On-Demand: Edulastic Premium 101

Catch the recording of an Edulastic Premium 101 training! You’ll learn about advanced reports, testing tools, anti-cheating features, and scoring options.

On-Demand: SparkMath 101

Catch the recording of SparkMath 101 to learn about this powerful add-on to Edulastic. With SparkMath, you’ll have curriculum-aligned differentiated math practice, arranged in modules, to give to students.

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