Edulastic’s integration with Google Apps makes creating assessments just as easy as Google Forms, but self-grading, reusable and shareable.

Lots of teachers use Google Forms for quick formative assessment in the classroom. After all, it’s easy to create questions, it’s free and you already have it if your school uses Google Apps for Education. Frequent formative assessment helps students and teachers, but teachers need easy-to-use tools to make it happen.

While Forms works beautifully for many teacher tasks (e.g. field trip signups and parent surveys), it has some key limitations as an assessment tool. Namely, it doesn’t self-grade, and it’s difficult to track data over time and to re-use assessments.

Edulastic helps solve these problems by integrating with Google Apps for Education. With single sign on, students get the same seamless Google experience as using Google Forms to take assessments. And if you use Google Classroom, you can sync your class roster, making getting started a snap (see our previous post on how to sync with Google Classroom).

Creating the handful of question types available in forms (multiple choice, checkbox, short/long answer, grid) is just as easy to accomplish, but the questions are auto-graded and the data stored. You can then share your assessments with colleagues in your school or branch out into our advanced technology-enhanced question types.

Learn more about how to use Edulastic for quick formative assessment — like Google Forms — in our webinar below. And let us know what you think!