Level 1 Edulastic Certified Professional First 12 Graduates

We present the first 12 Edulastic Certified Professionals! We are thrilled to expand the Edulastic professional community and invite you to join!

With the official launch of the Edulastic Certified Professional program we’d like to welcome our first 12 graduates who are now officially Level 1 Edulastic Certified Instructors!

To earn their certification, each educator worked through a comprehensive series of lessons about Edulastic and demonstrated their mastery of the platform with a final exam. With their acknowledged and proven mastery of Edulastic basics, they are now officially a part of the Edulastic Certified Professional community.

About the Edulastic Certified Professional Program

Level 1 Edulastic Certified Professional

The Edulastic Certified Professional program is free and open to anyone who is interested in learning more about Edulastic and proving their mastery of the platform. The program consists of three levels of mastery starting with the Level 1 Edulastic Certified Instructor course.

Level 1 focuses on Edulastic basics, Level 2 goes more in depth from the Level 1 topics, and Level 3 focuses around school and districtwide adoption and understanding Edulastic Enterprise.

We asked these educators and school leaders why they chose to take the course. Scroll through to see what they said:

I chose to take the course and become certified because I became the “go-to guy” for my school when it comes to Edulastic. I’m the one my colleagues seek out and call upon when they have questions or issues. I’ve also been asked several times to give professional development sessions on the platform for the district. Having the Certified Educator credential speaks to the level of knowledge of Edulastic I have and makes my instruction hold weight.

– Michael Delaney, 6th Grade Science Teacher

I think it is great that Edulastic is offering a way for you to be certified on their program.  Having used Edulastic for a number of years, I found Level 1 to be very easy, but it was a great refresher since I am teaching it to a number of new teachers in the district.  The certification program is also a great tool for new learners as the curriculum does a great job of walking you through the basics of getting started with Edulastic.  I am looking forward to the Level 2 and 3 certification courses as I really love working with this program, and using it to further enrich my classroom.

– Pete Husted, Math Teacher

I took the course because I wanted to know how much I really knew about Edulastic since other teachers are coming to me with questions in how to use it. I found I knew more than I thought I did but that I still have a lot to learn. I am looking forward to the other classes when they are available. My goal is to become an expert with Edulastic because the program increases a teachers productivity during the school year. Edulastic really does make teaching easier by taking the pressure off of giving and grading assessments that allows me time to focus on teaching.

– Phillip Moschella, 2nd Grade Teacher

I chose to become an Edulastic Certified Educator so that I could be a leader with Edulastic and be more knowledgeable and share the benefits of Edulastic with other educators. I also chose to participate in the Edulastic Certificated Educator course so that I could benefit my colleagues and students. The program also helped me to grow and learn more about Edulastic, and I am looking forward to Level 2.

– Jonathan Schoolcraft, High School Math Teacher

Taking the online course to become an Edulastic Certified Educator allowed me to “dig deep” into my understanding of how the various components of Edulastic all fit together. Knowing the varied levels of involvement that an educator can take is very useful. The less “tech-savvy” educator can use the assessments that have already been created, either found in the assessment library or through a district/school created assessment and the educator who wants to take a deep dive can move more quickly into creating his/her own assessments. The coursework content also allowed me to learn more about how educators can best review the data provided after an assessment is complete.
While I thought that I already knew a good deal about Edulastic, this course helped me to truly assess my own understanding and to learn a good deal more about the fantastic resource material that Edulastic offers to educators to dip their toes in or to dive in from the diving board 🙂
– Karen Gartland, K-8 Mathematics Supervisor
As the IT leader, student assessments are not something I work with on a regular basis.  The certification course gave me an in-depth understanding of Edulastic and its features.  I feel more confident when speaking with teachers as well as other administrators after having completed the course.
– Michael Daugherty, Director of Technology

I took the Edulastic Certified Educator course because I wanted to be familiar with all of the ends and outs of the program. I have been helping teachers in my District become more familiar with the program and ways to better use the program for Item Analysis and quick feedback to the students. The teachers have really enjoyed some of the tools I learned about in the course. Examples being the access from google classroom to Edulastic. Being able to sync students that have Google accounts. The different reports that are available and the Express Grader. One of the things that our District is looking at this year with the ESC is the item analysis data from test given over units beginning and ending.  This program makes  gathering of that data so much easier.

– Nikki Chandler, 7th and 8th Grade Technology

I love being an Edulastic Certified Educator because I love sharing Edulastic as an interactive assessment tool. Every teacher/grade level needs something different for assessment and I love finding that part of Edulastic that brings on that “I can’t wait to use this!” light bulb for teachers.

I loved taking the course because it was a good refresher for me as a tech coach and I suggest it for others because you can’t know everything about a tech tool unless you use it – or go through a tutorial like the Certified Educator experience. Sometimes you find some piece you really need and didn’t know how helpful it could be! (the ole – you don’t know what you don’t know thing!)

Edulastic is the most efficient tool I have seen for assessments – my favorite part is the ability to be standard specific and that it syncs with Google classroom (guess that’s 2 favs.

– Susan Lehr, TOSA

Think you’re ready to dive deep into Edulastic and prove what you know? To learn more about the Edulastic Certified Professional program or to enroll in the Level 1 Edulastic Certification, visit the certification homepage, or click the link below.