Woohoo! It’s been another successful school year. This year, teachers like you did some amazing things. You came up with creative new teaching methods, moving past the traditional textbook to teach students in more fun and memorable ways. You helped students overcome academic and personal challenges to grow and thrive. You fostered lasting bonds with your students, as reflected in the personal ways they have demonstrated their appreciation for you. And of course we were proud to hear that Edulastic has helped accomplish some of these successes, including increasing collaboration among colleagues and making teaching more efficient. It truly is victories like these that remind us of the positive impact we make as educators.

It’s time to recognize all of your amazing successes. Below, we compiled some of the amazing educational victories that teachers like you shared this month. We thoroughly enjoyed reading about all of your victories from throughout the year, so thank you to everyone who participated! The winner for our #EduVictories raffle will be announced by the end of this week! 🙂

Here are the #EduVictories people are celebrating this year:

Fostering Lasting Bonds With Students

Helping Students Overcome Challenges to Grow Academically and Personally

Developing Innovative Teaching Methods

Using Edulastic to Make Teaching More Efficient

Tackling Global Issues

Keep sharing your #EduVictories!

Thank you all for a great school year of hard work! Even though our giveaway is over, we still want to hear about all of your #EduVictories this summer and throughout the next school year. Keep sharing your little victories with “#EduVictories” so we can continue to celebrate our successes together!